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Top #7 Best External Hard Drive Reviews – 2017

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Best External Hard Drive Reviews


WD My Passport Studio 500GB

An amazing external hard drive product from Western Digital (WD) is the Western Digital My Passport Studio FireWire 800.  With choices for the capacity size that include 500 GB, 1 TB and also 2 TB, this product weighs 0.68 lbs, has dimensions of 5” x 3.3” x 0.9”, has 2 interfaces specific to a FireWire 800 design and offers security features that include data encryption and the protection of passwords. 

The Western Digital (WD) brand is popular and has been associated with the design and manufacture of external hard drives for many years.  Hence, WD products consider current capacity needs for users while taking into consideration future compatibility issues and data transfer speed requirements.

Product Highlights

  • 2 interfaces for FireWire 800
  • Security: encryption and passwords
  • Availability of Apple Time Machine®
  • Superior Western Digital quality
  • Reliability and Super-fast speed

WD My Passport Studio 500GB


  • Mac Compatibility – This hard drive is specially designed to be used effortlessly with Mac computers
  • Security – You do not need to worry about unauthorized access to your files and data.  Encryption and password protection is available with this hard drive
  • Connectivity – When the My Passport Studio FireWire 800 hard drive is purchased, it comes with the USB 2.0 cable and the FireWire 800 cable
  • Speed – Trust My Passport Studio hard drives with FireWire 800 have fast data transfer capabilities. FireWire 800 impales that you can save your data at a transfer rate of 800 Mb/s
  • Compact Size – Unlike other external hard drives that are bulky and difficult to carry around, the Studio FireWire 800 external hard drive is truly compact but able to provide significant capacity
  • Power Supply – The hard drive does not need its own power cable.  Instead, it is able to draw power from the connected USB or FireWire 800 cable.  This saves you the need of carrying additional cables
  • Utility Diagnostics and Management – You can use Western Digital’s WD Drive Utilities™ application to manage the external hard drive and diagnose the drive
  • Enclosure – The hard drive is housed in an all-metal casing made from aluminum and is designed to be minimally affected by fingerprints and scratches.  Beautifully designed with stylistic considerations, this hard drive is complementary to other products including Mac computers and PCs
  • Operating System Compatibility – The hard drive is ready for use with Mac computers (Apple Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard).  Although reformatting is required, this hard drive can also be used on systems running Windows 7, Vista and XP


Western Digital hard drives such as the My Passport Studio provide great options for those who need to backup information or have an external data storage option for their files including audio, images, and videos.  The FireWire capabilities provide data speed.  However, USB ports are gaining popularity and can also deliver good speed.  The hard drive is specifically formatted for use with a Mac computer but for usage with Windows, reformatting can occur.  With a brand like Western Digital, it is easy to expect and get quality devices and products.  Western Digital hard drives provide robustness, reliability, and stylishness.



WD My Passport Essential SE 1 TB 

This external hard drive is available in different memory storage capacities including 750 GB and 1 TB.  Available in a variety of colors such as silver, black, metallic blue and red, this external hard drive is compact in size having dimensions of 4.3” (D) x 3.2” (W) x 0.7” (H).  Western Digital (WD) has been manufacturing hard drives for over 20 years and this experience in design, functionality and forward-thinking is portrayed in the WD My Passport Essential SE external hard drive. 

Weighing 0.45 pounds, this external hard drive also has a height of 2”, width of 6” and an ATA hard disk interface. Forward and backward compatibility has also been designed for the Western Digital brand of products, which make these devices quite popular as a reliable and highly functional backup or storage device.

WD My Passport Essential SE 1 TBProduct Highlights

  • “World’s Best Selling External Hard Drives”
  • Over 20 years of WD experience and quality
  • USB powered device through the PC
  • USB 3.0 speeds are 3 times faster
  • It uses WD SmartWare™ software


Automatic Backup – The Western Digital My Passport Essential SE external hard drive provides continuous and automatic backing up of data.  This occurs seamlessly in the background.  Whenever the specified files are changed or new information is added, the hard drive will automatically create a backup

Capacity – You can purchase the hard drive in different storage capacities or sizes.  This provides options for users in terms of their backup space requirements.  750 GB and 1 TB capacity options are available.  High capacity hard drives like the WD My Passport Essential SE provide more options and storage capabilities

Data Transfer Rates – Compatibility with either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 is feasible.  You do not have to be concerned about upward or backward compatibility in terms of data transfer rates.  This provides opportunity to upgrade from USB 2.0 to a higher speed (3 times faster with USB 3.0) in the future rather than needing to buy a new product

Power Supply – Unlike other external hard drives that require their own power cords, the WD My Passport Essential SE hard drive only uses the USB cable connected to the computer as its source of power

Warranty – You will also get a limited two-year warranty on the product

Recycling – WD products including the My Passport Essential SE external hard drive are manufactured with materials that can be recycled

Security – Password protection and data encryption capabilities are available on this hard drive

Optional Software – The hard drive comes with WD SmartWare™ software which you may optionally choose to use to manage the backup process

Operating System – This hard drive is compatible for use on a computer system using Windows 7, Vista or XP.  Apple Mac OS X and Snow Leopard may also be used


The Western Digital’s WD SmartWare software accompanies any purchased Western Digital My Passport Essential SE portable external hard drive.  WD external hard drives provide extra storage space for all types of files including videos, audio clips, music, photos and much more.  Highly popular for their design and style, WD SE external hard drives also provide security, encryption and password protection.

The Western Digital My Passport Essential SE portable external hard drive offers advanced speed capabilities which can make the difference when transferring very large files.



WD My Book 1TB External Hard Drive Storage

The Western Digital MY Book Essential product provides data security and the capability for super-fast data speeds.  Able to contain vast amounts of the data, the My Book Essential is available in capacities that range from 500 GB to 3 TB.  This provides the opportunity to transfer many large files simultaneously without worry about space or incomplete data transfers.  Trust Western Digital to provide quality in a stylish device that is designed to be compatible with future data transfer speed demands. 

A USB 3.0 port is available to enhance connectivity and provide fast downloads and copying processes. The combined USB ports provide speed that is suitable for future generations.  Get backup support that is ultra-fast in a hard drive that is one of the best-selling external hard drives on the market.

Product Highlights

“World’s #1 Best Selling Hard Drive”WD My Book 1TB External Hard Drive Storage

Encrypted Data

USB 2.0 and 3.0

Password protection

Automatic Backup


The features of the product include:

USB Connectivity – You can connect to a USB 2.0 port to provide data transfer speeds that are acceptable for today’s use.  However, upward compatibility with USB 3.0 data transfer speeds is also available.  With USB 3.0, you can access and transfer data files at speeds that are three times as fast as 2.0 port

Security – You can trust Western Digital to help you secure your data.  Using password protection processes and data encryption, data is safe and secure

Automatic Backup – With the My Book external hard drive, you can continuously backup your data.  Once the backup process is specified and the files have been identified, the external backup will begin subsequent backup routines on a continuous and automatic basis.  As soon as the specified files or folders change, a copy of the updated file is transferred to the external hard drive.  Every time the specified file is saved, the WD hard drive picks up the change

Capacity Range – There are many capacity options available with this product ranging from 500 GB to 3 TB.  This provides a choice in terms of storage and backup needs.  The higher the capacity of the external hard drive, the more expensive the product will be

WD SmartWare – Enjoy Western Digital software provided to help make the backup process easy.  The software allows you to select optional features that can be used to back up data


For over 20 years, Western Digital had designed and manufactured external hard drives that provide quality, style, ease of use and significant storage capacity.  With an eye for innovative technologies and enhanced the user experience, the My Book Essential provides acceptable speed for today’s use, a compatible USB 3.0 data port for future data transfer speed demands and data protection through the provision of passwords and data encryption.

Get easy access to additional storage for you photos, documents, images, maps, music tracks, playlists and other multimedia files.  Portable and sleek, the well-designed My Book Essential is sure to please and provide storage capabilities for a long time.



Toshiba Canvio 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

The Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 portable hard drive offers great data speeds, drive protection and weighs less than 10 ounces.  Truly compact and fitting within the palm of a hand, its dimensions are 3.1” (W) x 4.7” (D) x 0.6” (H).  Available in blue, white, red and black, capacity sizes for the hard drive include 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB.  The 1 TB portable hard drives can be used to safely store all types of files without worry about files sizes.  It is an intelligent device that manages the backup and storage process effortlessly. 

A complete backup management system in a sleek product that is reliable and durable.  The Toshiba Canvio USN 3.0 provided USB 3.0 and 2.0 options.  A USB 2.0 port or interface can transfer a 3-hour high definition movie in about 18.5 minutes while switching to a USB 3.0 port provides much faster transfer rates of about 5.3 minutes.  Toshiba is known for reliability and striving to provide product quality.

Product Highlights

  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectivity
  • Internal Shock Sensor Technology
  • Ramp Loading Technology
  • Plug and Play Technology
  • Drag and Drop capabilities


  • Power Source – You do not need separate power source for the hard drive.  Simply connect the drive to the USB cable and also connect the USB cable to the computer
  • Interface Connectivity – You can use either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connection for the hard drive.  The backward compatibility capability of the Toshiba Canvio allows you connect with to USB 2.0 port and transfer your files a much slower rate while USB 3.0 provides the opportunity to use much faster speeds if desired
  • Backup Security – Use passwords to protect your data or prevent authorized access to contents in the drive.  The Toshiba Canvio hard drive uses innovative, integrated cloud storage and 256-bit encryption to also protect data
  • Storage Capacity – You get storage capacity options.  Whatever need you have regarding storage can be met with the variety of sizes the Toshiba canvio provides.  The 1 TB hard drive can contain over 250,000 digital videos
  • Drive Protection – Toshiba Canvio has hard drive protection through Ramp Loading and Internal Shock Sensor Technologies.  This help prevent the drive from becoming corrupted or unusable, especially if the hard drive is dropped or bumped
  • Operating System – You can operate this hard drive with any computer system running Windows 7, XP or Vista
  • Plug and Play – Once the hard drive is connected to the computer, it is easy to find and it installs effortlessly
  • Drag and Drop – You can backup and store files by simply dragging and dropping the selected files and folders into the backup space on the hard drive


The Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 portable hard drive has a portable design that makes it great for taking files on trips or simply providing an external safe storage area.  Designed with to provide future speed capabilities associated with USB 3.0.  With this hard drive, EZ software is available to provide various backup options including hard drive backup or cloud backup and ensure complete backup coverage for data.  Backup may also be accomplished using both cloud and hard drive spaces.  Data restoration is easy by simply booting from the portable hard drive or using a DVD or CD created for booting purposes.



Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500 GB Hard Drive

The Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 portable external hard drive uses the super-fast USB 3.0 port to provide great speed for data transfer.  With the Seagate Expansion hard drive, the option to return to a slower USB 2.0 connectivity solution is still feasible. Weighing 0.35 lbs or 0.69lbs and having dimensions of 3.2” x 5.4” x 0.7” or 3.2” x 5.8” x 1.06” depending on capacity, a variety of capacity options are available (250 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB and 1.5 TB).

With the Seagate USB 3.0 hard drive, the 1.5 TB capacity option can provide almost 25,000 hours of digital music storage, 480,000 files for digital photos, 362 2-hour DVD movies and up to 1,500 video hours.

Product Highlights

  • Drag and drop file management
  • Internal power management
  • Easy, no fuss installation


  • Ease of File Backup – File backup and storage is as easy or simple as dragging and dropping the required files.  No complicated file backup or storage process
  • Connectivity – USB 3.0 provides a fast data transfer option.  If you prefer a slower connection for data transfer, the Seagate Expansion hard drive allows USB 2.0 connectivity as well
  • Setup – It is easy to setup and use the hard drive.  With plug and play technology, the hard drive is detected by the computer and continues its own setup without needing any assistance from the user.  All you need to do is connect the USB cable to the computer and to the hard drive
  • Power Management – Internal power management occurs as the drive is being used.  This ensures that energy to the drive is being used efficiently and this also generates energy cost savings
  • Power Source – No separate power supply source is required for the hard drive.  The USB cable is all that is needed to provide power for the device
  • Noise – The Seagate Expansion USN 3.0 external hard drive operates quietly which is quite beneficial when the device is used for long periods of time.  However, users need to beware of the hard drive getting hot after being used for a long time


The Seagate external hard drives provide instant storage options for all types of applications, files and various types of data.  There are many options available in terms of capacity and space available.  This enables the user to easily transfer files and carry these files around as needed.  Designed for portability, the Seagate Expansion hard drive is sleek and slim.  There are no bulk and no setup issues.  Simply plug, play and continue using the device as required.

When an operating system is able to recognize a device, it makes the experience of using the device even more enjoyable.  Hence, those who purchase Seagate Expansion portable hard drives can simply focus on which files need to be transferred to the hard drive.  The Seagate brand is well known for the design of hard drives and including USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatibility within the products provides more options for the user.



Buffalo MiniStation Stealth 500 GB Hard Drive

Backwards and forwards USB interface compatibility is available with the Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth portable external hard drive.  Capacities include 500 GB, 1 TB and 1.5 TB.  Designed to offer true portability, the hard drive is also lightweight, slim and able to save energy while in use. 

A 1-TB Buffalo Technology MiniStation external hard drive weighs 7.8 ounces and has dimensions of 4.5” (H) x 0.7” (D) x 3” (W).  Get technical support around the clock for this product in addition to the limited 1-year warranty.  With high performance and designed to be tough, the Buffalo MiniStation Stealth USB 3.0 is a portable hard drive that comes with specialized software which enhances the backup and data storage process.  Compatible with both PCs and Mac, you can instantly add significant capacity and storage space to any computer or laptop.

Product Highlights 

USB compatibility (2.0 and 3.0)Buffalo MiniStation Stealth 500 GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

Energy saving hard drive

For use with Macs and PCs

Plug and play functionality

4.4 out of 5 stars (Amazon Rating)

Amazon External Hard Drive Best Seller: #31


There are different unique features of the Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth portable external hard drive which include:

Interface connections – The Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth portable external hard drive uses a USB port that can accommodate USB 2.0 speeds which are compatible for today’s use.  However, super speeds with the USB 3.0 port are also feasible and such connections provide data access and transfer that can be ten times the rate at which USB 2.0 performs

Utility Suite – Included with this hard drive is a special utility suite of software (Buffalo Utility tools suite).  These Windows operating system based tools help you backup files and manage your data

Computer Usage – You can use this hard drive on a Mac or on a PC.  TurboPC and TurboCopy features are also available for use with computers running Windows software and these provide increased data transfer speeds.  For Mac computers, Time Machine software is available to help manage the backup process

Speed – You also get super-fast data transfer speeds such as 5 GB per second.  With high-speed USB ports, transferring files is easy and fast

Power Supply – You do not need a separate power source for the hard drive.  The USB cable (already included with the hard drive) serves as the only source of power it needs.  This is convenient for those who just want to connect to a laptop or computer and not have to worry about additional power cables

Plug and Play – You can connect the hard drive to your computer and it simply gets installed by itself.  No need to install, download or look for drivers and other software associated with the hard drive or understand software that the hard drive needs to function

Energy Savings – The hard drive uses an Eco Manager to save power and energy while the device is idle

Security – Having secure data is an added bonus of the Buffalo external hard drive.  You can password security and encryption for all your data

RAMDISK – Buffalo external hard drives provide the ability to create a “RAM DISK”, which is a small space that resides within the (Windows PC) computer and through which file management for backup purposes can occur


Available in different colors such as red, black or white, the Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth portable external hard drive provides stylish data storage options that are external to your computer.  Expand your data storage capacity by simply plugging in this external hard drive.  Use specialized software to simplify the backup process and experience the ease of use, plug and play capability and high storage capacity offered by Buffalo external hard drives.


Hewlett Packard HP Portable 1 TB Hard Drive

The 1 TB external hard drives manufactured by Hewlett Packard (HP) is portable and uses either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port for connectivity. Built for either forward or backward compatibility, different data transfer speeds are possible as HP understands the acceptable data transfer speeds that are acceptable today while also understanding the need to accommodate future or anticipated data speeds for tomorrow.  Hence, this hard drive provides data speed compatibility for a long time.  Also, with a USB 3.0 option readily available, it can make the difference between waiting 20 minutes for a high-definition movie download or simply completing the download in 5 minutes. 

Designed to be ready for use with any Windows systems, this product weighs 6.7 ounces and has dimensions of 4.4” x 3.1” x 0.7”.  With high user ratings, the HP portable external hard drive provides suitable storage capabilities for all types of music, videos, photos and other content that needs to be stored, moved to another computer or carried from one place to another.  Lightweight, reliable, portable, fast and dependable is how HP hard drives are made.

Product HighlightsHewlett Packard HP Portable 1 TB USB

USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interfaces

Future speed compatibility

Portable and large capacity

Windows system ready

Average user rating 4.5 out of 5 (Amazon)

#6 Best Seller: External Hard Drives (Amazon)


  • Portability – You can take this hard drive anywhere without feeling uncomfortable or weighed down.  The HP external hard drive can fit snugly in the palms of your hand.  It’s truly portable design makes it a convenient storage device.  Hence, carry this hard drive around with ease
  • Connectivity – You can use either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and this provides data speed options when backing up data.  You can get data transfer speeds that are three times faster if you use a USB 3.0 data port or interface
  • Windows Operating System – The HP hard drives is formatted and ready for use on any Windows system.
  • Power – There is no need for another power supply in addition to the power source for the computer.  The HP external drive uses power that comes through the USB cable
  • Included Software – You get SimpleSave software which is a specialized software included to help you manage data transfer and storage in your new HP external hard drive. Designed to seamlessly handle the backup process, SimpleSave will organize the files to be backed up and automatically keep the previous backed up files updated on a continuous basis
  • Operating System Compatibility – Specifically formatted for Windows (NTFS), the hard drive can be used on any system running Windows 7, XP and Vista


Using a Hewlett Packard (HP) portable USB 3.0 and 2.0 external hard drives provides additional storage options for data including music, documents, videos and other types of files.  Well-known as a reliable manufacturer of computers, HP adds a range of connectivity within its external hard drives that make room for potential speed requirements of the future.  Also, with capacities, external hard drives provide quality, durability and make good accessories for other HP products



Some more best external hard drive 2017 are yet to come. Do follow Silentpoints for more of the updates. 🙂 

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