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Cheap bluetooth earphones in India for 2018 | (LATEST)
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Cheap Bluetooth earphones in India

Cheap Bluetooth earphones: The word cheap would vary from person to person so I would be categorizing cheap Bluetooth earphones with a various price range. Since Apple and other companies have moved forward compromising the “JACK”, Bluetooth earphones have come into prominence. For Apple, we definitely have the AirPods which is best suited for their devices but the problem comes with the price.

A variety of cheap Bluetooth headphones are reviewed below making sure they belong to the best earphone brands.

Cheap Bluetooth earphones in India List

If you are really looking forward buying a cheap Bluetooth earphone below 1000, trust me, there are none. I mean you would definitely find some on Amazon but they would disappoint you. If you just want to go with the whole “wireless” look then go for:

Earphone BrandRatingBuy
Brobeat QC10 Jogger Wireless Bluetooth Headphone7.5
Nyubi Earphone7
Wonderford Stereo Bluetooth Headset9
Freesolo Wireless Bluetooth 4.18

I won’t be writing a review on these cheap Bluetooth earphones as it might be a total waste of money. Instead, I recommend going for a higher budget which would ensure good quality.

Best Bluetooth earphone Reviews

#1. Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headphone

Cheap Bluetooth earphone Reviews

You might have to relax your budget for getting a decent Bluetooth earphone. The best in the market right now is the Jaybird X3 Sport. This is the best earphone one can find on the market right now. It’s battery life, the sound quality is at par with the AirPods and manages to keep itself completely sealed off in our ears. It’s fully water resistant so there’s no worry of any water damage but that doesn’t make these earbuds completely “water-proof”.

#2. Waveport Bluetooth Earphones

I would not recommend diving into a pool with these in your ear. If you are that kind of a person then I would recommend Waveport ENOD. It’s a Kickstarter so you can get it from their website. These earphones are completely water-proof, dust-proof. So the next time you want to jump in a pool with your earphones on, you should definitely go for these. These do seal off well in your ear canal but the resistance which is created by the water may pull them off so it’s better we stay aware of it. 

#3. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphone

You might be arguing that it was not fair mentioning about the Bose Soundsport Bluetooth earbuds in comparison to the Jaybird. Yes, they are a really good choice but the size of it makes it an issue. It literally bulges out of your ear which might create some sort of disturbance and there’s an issue for stability. If you want to go with the branding then you can blindly go for it. 

#4. Apple MMEF2 Wireless Airpod Apple MMEF2 Wireless Airpod

The next would be the AirPods. Well, these are best suited for the Apple devices and works really well and is user-friendly. They might not have the canal type sealing but it does a decent job in terms of stability. These work with Android devices as well but we have to rule out the ability to command Google Assistant through the AirPods. 

Cheapest Bluetooth Earphone Reviews

Here goes the cheapest Bluetooth earphone reviews within a decent budget. Move here if you are looking for cheap earphones under 500. Now let’s begin with the Soundpeats Bluetooth earphone.

#1. Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset 

For a budget earphone, there are quite a few choices like the Soundpeats Qy7 Mini. These fit really well in the ears. The ear hooks in this Bluetooth earphones make it more stable, comfortable and dynamic. You even get extra ear hooks and earbuds so that it fits you perfectly I give a +1 To that. Yes! These earphones are pretty loud and have a good bass.

#2. AUKEY Arcs Bluetooth Headphone

Next comes the AUKEY Arcs Bluetooth Headphones which probably looks perfect as a Bluetooth headset. It may be missing the ear hook but can be also considered as a good choice. The audio quality may not be up to the mark but it does a decent job in the sound quality. They stay pretty secure in your ear without the ear hook so I see that as a plus side. 

If you are looking for a budget earphone, I would recommend going with the Soundpeats Qy7 Mini. These are the best at that price point. If budget is not an issue go with the Jaybird X3. It’s probably the best in the market right now.

Want some consultation regarding the selection of cheap Bluetooth headphones? Drop a comment underneath or visit TinyMindPalace and shoot up Arnab a message. 🙂

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