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Ebuddy Online Messenger – Instant Chat with Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo And Facebook Friends

Hello friends,

Today in this post you’ll know about the using and review of ebuddy online messenger.

What Is Ebuddy Online Messenger?

“eBuddy is a privately held Dutch software company that offers instant messaging services. As of 2011. eBuddy reported 100 million downloads. The company’s flagship service is XMS, a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging service” – WikiPedia

The eBuddy Online Messenger App is one of the highly recommended must-download application that you must have on your phone today! eBuddy was developed by Paulo Taylor which he sold via an aqui-hire to Booking.com. This awesome app allows users with Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and some other accounts to chat free of charge in one aggregated interface. This is why this messenger has got a very good reputation around the world. You won’t believe, it has more than 100 million downloads till today.

One of the main reason I’m using this app is, I’ve only WhatsApp messenger app in my mobile for social networking and I don’t want to download too many apps on my mobile for communicating with my friends. And so, Ebuddy Online Messenger does the work for us! 🙂 We can have access to facebook chat, MSN, G-talk etc from ebuddy itself. Cool Eh?

eBuddy Online Messenger Review


Well previously, back in 2008, I was using an JAVA phone. The expandable memory of it was 4GB and the internal is 420KB (Don’t laugh. As these Chinese java phone’s doesn’t gives much). Moreover, my mobile started shitting! Apps cannot be downloaded as the the storage location of those are not set to memory card. It’s the default “Phone Memory”, which is just a horseshit to me! I tried a lot to change it but I couldn’t!

Later I was introduced to Ebuddy online messenger which is just 380 KB. I learned more about the app and downloaded it. I still remember the site from where I downloaded. It was http://phoneky.com. I thank the developers for making the app as it helped me a lot to chat with my friends both on Facebook and G-talk. I was lucky because the size of the app was just 380 KB.

ebuddy online messenger

And today also I use this app on my android device. The app is made for all the platforms namely JAVA, Android, Symbian, Windows etc. You can download the ebuddy online messenger for android by clicking here.

So for being on social networking sites you don’t have to mess up with the particular app of it. Just grab Ebuddy and have your work done in seconds! In Java itself it has more than 40 versions, if my knowledge isn’t outdated yet.

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How To Use Ebuddy Online Messenger?


Even a kid can use it. You don’t need a good knowledge to have it work. Well, I’ve made 3 basic steps for you to follow:

1) After installing eBuddy, configure your account.

2) You will be asked to attach accounts of the apps that I mentioned earlier (facebook, G-Talk, MSN, Yahoo Messenger etc.)

3) Leave the fields empty on the sites you don’t have account.

Here is a screenshot of the app.



4) You will be able to see all of your contacts within this app. Pick your special friend and have chatting with him/her.

This simple yet easy interface makes the app more efficient. And today you can even find the eBuddy messenger App for PC! And you can use it both on PC and mobile with the eBuddy ID. So, I recommend you to note the ID properly.

This free messaging app enables you send uncountable messages to your friends. As I told, before I was using a chinese phone. I used the app OPERA MINI for chatting. But you know to send a message in opera mini it takes a lot of time. But on the other hand eBuddy is very fast! Just press the send button and it would be sent in no time.

I remember, it took some time for my phone to open the app. So, after opening the app you need to wait for few minutes. Do not close it.

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Crazy Features of eBuddy Online Messenger


There are crazy, yet amazing features of the app. I hope you’ll like to explore up with those:

  • Adding a heap of instant messenger programs within this single app
  • Easy and simple to access due to the awesome user interface.
  • You can sign in to all the messenger accounts you have or can select a particular one.
  • Just a single account is needed to sign in to all your messenger accounts. The most important thing to note down is the eBuddy user ID as I mentioned above. You can open eBuddy via the ID in your PC.
  • Choose any language that you want.
  • Turn on or off your online visibility.

And one of the cool feature is it has a direct camera! I mean you can directly send the photos you capture via your camera. No need to manually upload it.

Okay, anyhow, go to the eBuddy’s official website and encounter some more about the app. You can download it for your PC by clicking the below download button.

Download eBuddy

Are you facing any problem? Comment up. As a user of eBuddy for 3 years I could help you to solve that.

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