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Get Alerts for Earthquakes on Your Phone – MUST HAVE

Recently a dead-full earthquake was experienced by Nepal. Around 6,000 individuals have lost their lives.

Luckily, it has actually ended up being extremely simple to understand about all the earthquakes in your area. It’s just by utilizing an easy app LastQuake on your Android phone.

The Emergency Earthquake Alert App

As I told, the LastQuake App is the one which enables you to get the earthquake alerts. This is the best emergency earthquake alert app available online.

If your area, where you reside is much affected by earthquakes and is frequent then you MUST download this super app. On using that you’ll be having the ability to see all the earthquakes around the globe noted in chronological order.

You can chose any of these quakes in the list that would be shown on the app and see more information about them. In the information provided by the App, it reveals the place, time, collaborates, magnitude on Richter scale and the center depth for the picked earthquake.


If you have enabled the GPS function in you Android device, then LastQuake can automatically identify your geographical place and reveal you the quakes near your location.

How To Use LastQuake?

There is nothing much to discuss about how to use this emergency earthquake alert app. It’s will be easy for you to use. The interface of the app is much user friendly.

You can download this app from below:


LastQuake app enables you to get the alerts for 2 kinds of quakes – devastating earthquakes and the earthquakes that stem near your place (works via GPS).

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