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JBL C100SI Review – Specifications & Features

JBL C100SI Review: JBL is one of the renowned names in the arena of earphones. Recently a review article on Sennheiser CX275s has been posted on SilentPoints.  Due to the mass requests on a review of JBL earphone I made my mind on posting this. It’s the JBL C100SI Review. I found this to be on the best JBL earphone ever. I’ve been a user of this earphones for a long time.

JBL C100SI Review 2017

JBL C100SI Review 2017

You can see below there are three colors of JBL C100SI earphone. White, Black and Red. They are all worth the same. Have a look at the earphones below before moving towards the review.

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JBL C100SI Specifications And Design


So, let’s begin with JBL c100si specifications!

Precisely this earphone is made up of pure plastic and it feels plasticky when touched. The earplugs fixed with the earphone are soft which makes the ears feel good in touch along with the music. There’s also a noise cancellation being supported in the earphone.

As you can see in the images, the button present in the earphone have privileges like receiving of phone calls, change your music track or skip a trackjbl c100si review

Now, as per the fitting in the ears, it is highly comfortable as I mentioned earlier. It is very soft and will surely be compatible with you. It’s best, or in fact, ‘ideal’ for the ones doing some kind of exercises or jogging. The earphones don’t fall off from your ears easily!

There is a standard 3.5mm plug which helps in a concrete connectivity. Moreover, the cable does not get tangled easily. That’s what I like more about this earphone.

JBL C100SI Performance 


Just to make sure the earphone works fine on almost every device, we used the JBL C100SI with maximum devices possible. And it can be guaranteed that it’ll be working amazingly with Micromax devices, iPhone 5,6, MacBook Air, Gionee, Samsung and many other devices. Well, it’s not that it won’t work fine on the devices which aren’t mentioned here. These are just the devices which are tested by us personally. It worked incredibly great on almost all the devices we plugged at.

JBL C100SI review

Above is a screenshot of a customer review of the earphone. The price of the earphone was around ₹950.

Glimpse to some JBL C100SI Features: 


1) The ear tips are made in such a way that you can experience the most comfortable listening for a very long period. That’s what every music lover wants. Right? 

2) The Frequency Range of the earphone with the devices is 20Hz to 20kHz! 

3) This pair of the earphone is feather-light for all-day comfort as told earlier. The soft ear buds make it much better!

Below are some of the additional details of this earphone:

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Shall I buy the JBL C100SI earphone?

Are you impressed by the performance, specs and the additional features of the earphone?

If you feel, you are compatible with it then you must definitely get a pair of the earphone. As I told, I’ve been using it for a quite long time. Even now, I’m using those earphones. You can trust the earphone like I did. It’ll be worth it.

The current price of the earphone is around ₹1.3k. Back in 2016, it was just ₹700 on Amazon. I dived into Amazon to find out if there is any seller selling the JBL C100SI at a cheaper price. But NO. This is the only trusted seller I could see on Amazon. You can buy the pair from the trusted seller by clicking on the button below.


A complete review cannot end without the imperfection of a product. So, this is the only drawback you might find. Other than this, the earphone won’t put you down! 😉

There’s JBL logo printed in the ear buds of the product. I do not find the logo much impressive. It’s obtrusive to boast in front of others after around 12-16 months of this earphone as the logo might be washed out, if not taken proper care!

Do not care about the simple drawback?

If yes, you are most welcome to select the color of your earphone and proceed further!

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PS: While in the JBL C100SI review I also recommend you to check the best earphones under ₹500.

JBL C100SI vs Sennheiser CX 180

Again a question.

Which is better – JBL c100si vs Sennheiser CX 180?

I’ve used the Sennheiser CX 180 long back. Check it on Amazon here. It is a bit better than JBL C100SI in the field of the bass quality. Apparently, the bass quality is 2-3% higher than the JBL C100SI.

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Like JBL C100SI, the Sennheiser CX 180 also has a noise cancellation.

Let me go straight.

If a good microphone is your prime priority then you must go with Sennheiser CX 180 without any second thought. It’s way cheaper than JBL C100SI. Know more about it below.

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Some JBL C100SI FAQs


1) What is the exact length of the cord?

The exact length is 1.2m. Well, it appears short in pictures but it isn’t.

2) JBL headphone VS JBL earphone?

Headphones in this range do not have a microphone. Choice is yours!

3) Will it work on iPhone? 

Yeah of course! It sounds amazing there.

4) Does it work with laptops too?

Yes. It does its work there as well.

5) Can I get crystal clear sound on FM connectivity?


6) Will I be getting a warranty? 

There is a 1-year warranty on this product

7) Is the cord small? 

No. Nothing like that. It has a long cable.

8) How does the product come? With case/pouch?

It comes with a Case

9) What is the different between t150a vs c100si?

Only the shape is different. The output is almost the same!

10) Does it have a mic? 

Yes, it has!


Final Words: 

This was all about the JBL C100SI Review. Did you like the product?

In case you didn’t like this there’s a close alternative to this. You can try out the Sennheiser CX275s earphone which is listed in the best earphone brands in the world. It gives almost the same experience as the one above but is worth more than JBL C100SI.

Do you want few more reviews of earphones?

Please let us know. We’ll be publishing more contents on this if you request.


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