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Protonmail Review – Best Secured Encryption Mail Service

Protonmail Review: ProtonMail is a mail service still in beta phase, but where the encryption and anonymity of users are prioritized.

E-mail is one of the oldest tools and still in force in our network communications. It is efficient and useful, which makes it remain a key point in our leisure or work.

But email is a succulent source of personal information, which can be very juicy in wrong hands. Therefore, e-mail is one of the targets of electronic criminals, and government intelligence or espionage offices.

Protonmail Review

Obtaining the information that travels in the emails that are sent can report information about different users, and their likes, preferences, or activities that they perform.

It is, therefore, a good practice to encrypt the content of emails. Thus the intercepted message will not be readable for those who are listening and can only be deciphered by the users to whom the mail is legitimately addressed.

The most commonly used mail services (read Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook) are security holes as far as user privacy is concerned. The confabulation of these services with the US intelligence services is well detailed. Mail content is tracked, users and IPs are tracked and geolocated, creating a database that would make the Stasi or Big Brother happy to drool!

But among all this drop of pants in terms of security and privacy is concerned, there are alternatives with best-encrypted email. Today I will talk about ProtonMail a new mail service created in Switzerland by scientists members of CERN and governed by the laws and sovereignty of this country, which is still in Beta phase, but one day all mail services should be like that.

Protonmail Review

I did a few months ago I requested an email account in this service, and it was only a couple of days ago when I received the notification that it was already available, I do not know if you can now request without reservation an email account.

You can visit the official website and request it. Click on the button below to move to their official site:

Visit Official Site

When creating the account is necessary to indicate a user and password for login on the web, as is usual for these services. This user and password are stored on their servers and in case of misplacement, we can retrieve them.

But you must also establish a second password, which will be used to decrypt our emails. That password is not accessible by the people of ProtonMail, so in case of misplacing it, we will have lost our deciphered access to our mails.

More about Protonmail Review

This mail server, as I said it is in Beta phase and is only accessible through its web interface, therefore we will not be able to configure our mail client for this account.

The interface is simple, without advertising, and intuitive. It has restrictions on account capacity, and mailing numbers sent per month, but I think it’s more than enough. I think they are thinking of a “premium” service with more options, capacity, etc.

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If we follow your privacy policies and advertising, this mail service encrypts all our emails, and remains encrypted on their servers, so that even the ProtonMail workers do not have access to them, and it is under encryption that They cannot break.

Protonmail Review

If we send emails to ProtonMail users, our default emails are encrypted, with nothing else to do. And we will send or read the mails, as in any normal mail service that we use.

But we can also use it to send encrypted emails to external mail services to ProtonMail, such as Gmail. Doing so gives us the alternative of encrypting it or not. If we do not encrypt it it is sent without further ado.

If we want to encrypt it, we must mark it in a box, indicating such thing. And also we must indicate a password to send to the recipient of the email, and simply send it.

Is E-mail Encryption the Solution?


Here in this Protonmail Review I’ll also be talking about email encryption. To start, I am talking about S / MIME encryption (Multipurpose / Secure Internet Mail Extensions). Similar to server encryption discussed earlier, S / MIME is based on public or asymmetric key encryption and uses key pairs to encrypt and decrypt content (as opposed to symmetric cryptography which uses the same key for both). The key pair consists of a public key which is shared and used to encrypt and a private key, which is secret and is used to decrypt.
How S / MIME Encryption Protects Your Emails?

S / MIME cryptographic technology means that only the recipient of your email can read it. How? Well, this is related to even keys – your public key is used to encrypt mail and only the corresponding private key can decrypt it. That is, assuming the private key has not been compromised, you are the only one who can decrypt it and read the mail.

Final Words:

Back to the scene of a hacker attacking your company, hackers could not read the mails even if they had access to their corporate mail systems, as they do not have their private key to decrypt them. Or if you do not have a certificate on your mail server, remember that we strongly recommend that you have one and that your mails are intercepted in transit, they would still be safe.

So, these were all about the Protonmail Review. Got any query?

Comment them below. You’ll be replied soon.



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