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What People Say About SilentPoints?

what people says




SilentPoints is a good initiative taken by you where you share your ideas and updates about blogging, programming and technology etc. I have been a follower to your blog from its initial days. I think you have done a great job here and it is doing very well. I admire your passion that you share about blogging. I am pretty sure that you will take SilentPoints to the higher level soon. My best wishes to you and your blog.

– Mohit Arora, founder of CatchUpdates.com, India



“This blog have helped me a lot. Many people struggle to know about making money online and blogging. This blog inspired me to keep on working. I recommend SilentPoints to everyone who really want to learn new things. Keep it up Kreet.”

– Edmond S’fiso Makhubele, Administrator of Edmoblogs, South Africa


Lakshya Jyoti Bora

SilentPoints is a very good and knowledge hub blog for the people inclined towards the world of internet.It includes many categories which will obviously create a good revolution in our NE region since we don’t have much tech-savvy bloggers from our region. I wish a very good luck to the owner of the blog Kreetanam Kaushik who is doing a very good job at a very young age.

Lakshya Jyoti Bora, Enterprenuer and a Cyber Security Expert, India


harshit bhootra

“Silentpoints is an excellent place to find some paid tools and premium guides. You have done a great job because writing so much of valuable info is not every bloggers ‘Cup of tea’. Your blog is the solution for many of the common problems we face on the Internet. Great Job!”

– Harshit Bhootra, founder of WebSpon



‘SilentPoints’ the name says all!! With this name it just pointed me to a famous quote of Offensive® Security “The quieter you become; the more you are able to hear“. This is a very straight forward blog, direct concentration to Information Technology. All the contents here are interesting and updated. Specially the small things I have noticed in this blog is the ‘updated information’ regarding a person’s daily life style issues (related to IT, recharge tricks, easy online money making tricks, information security etc etc.).
I know Kreettanam personally, geeky yet an impressive character and a good footballer with a multi-talented quality. I wish him and his blog a better and long growing future. Keep updating us always. CHAO!

Chiranjeev Rajkhowa, Certified Ethical Hacker and ECSA.


nirmal sarkar

What I like most about the SilentPoints is that the writing style of the posts are very user friendly and to the point. The second thing I liked is that it covers up a lot of topics under tech niche. From smartphone suggestions to Online Money making tricks you can get everything here. Keep it up.

– Nirmal Sarkar, founder of HiTricks.com