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2 Player Games Unblocked – Latest 2 Player Fighting Games Unblocked

2 Player Games Unblocked: Do you want to play some latest 2 Player Games online? Of course, you are excited to play. But you have a problem. Right? Okay, lemme guess the problem… So, yeah, your school, college or perhaps university has blocked the game and you cannot access it. That’s the problem most of the multiplayer gamers are facing.

Precisely, the games about which I’m talking about are not the high-level games like Call of Duty, Need For Speed etc. The ones I’m talking about are the 2D micro-games.

Now, since you’re here, you can play the latest 2 player multiplayer games without any barrier. Some of the games I personally like are Tank trouble and Bowman. These two are some of the phenomenal multiplayer online games I’ve ever played. And I commend you to give the games a try too. You can read more about the games below. I’ve listed why I liked the games there below.

Latest 2 Player Games Unblocked

Up there I talked about the two games – Tank Trouble online multiplayer and Bowman online multiplayer. These two are my favorites. However, I’ve added even more games which I play when I’m bored with these two. I’m sure you’ll like ’em too. So here goes the latest 2 player games unblocked:

  • Tank Trouble
  • Bowman
  • Ballistica
  • Chess Multiplayer
  • Gravity Guy

You can play the games here in SilentPoints as well. But do remember, we are not the creator of the games. The copyright is fully theirs!

NOTE: To play the game, you must enable Flash Player on your browser. 

Play Tank Trouble Multiplayer Unblocked

As said above, this is my favorite game. I, very often play this game with my pals. This game is best for you if you want to play with one or even two players. Yes, you heard it right. You not just can play 2 players multiplayer in this game but also experience 3 players glimpse. Also, as a matter of fact, the three players can play the game in the same keyboard. That’s the best thing you’ve heard today, right? So, why waiting? Call your third friend and start hunting the game. Or if you are alone, even then you can experience this game. You can play the game with your computer as well.

If you are two guys and want to play the game, here goes the controls.

The 2 Player Controls: 


Shoot = Q

UP = E





Shoot = M

UP = Up Arrow

DOWN = Down Arrow

LEFT = Left Arrow

RIGHT = Right Arrow

You can play the game here. Good Luck!

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What do you need to do in the game? 

The task of the game is simple. You just have to attack your rivals tanks with labyrinth (or bomb, I’d say). You can number keys to move the tank from one direction to another. It’s not big steps, mind you. The tank moves slowly and it’s hard to move in the correct direction, that’s what I do not like much about the game. But now, I’ve adjusted myself at this point.

The controls might be different on your PC/laptop. Do check the controls before you actually start playing. 

As much as I know, you cannot play three players multiplayer on your keyboard. If there’s three in your squad, the third person needs to use the mouse. He/she can use the mouse to move the tank. And for shooting the labyrinth, the left mouse is to be used.

Play Bowman Multiplayer Unblocked

This is my second favorite game. The game, Bowman is all about a man, and his bow. The man has to kill his rival who is too distanced from him. Either of the men has a bow and arrow in their hands. They just have to position the angle and shot it. You get points when you hit the other person.

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This is really a good game to play with friends. I, personally was very weak in the game. But now, after knowing about the angle and other stuff, I’m pretty much good at it.

Further, the most interesting part of the game is, shooting the birds! To be honest I’ve played the SHOOT THE BIRD game more than 2 player multiplayer. I’m sure you’ll like it as well. Here’s the game.

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Apart from these two, there are few more 2 Player Games Unblocked which I play.

I used to play Ballistica a few months back, but now I do not play it much because I’ve downloaded Pocket Tanks on my Android device. And I, most often play that with my friends, when I’m not playing mini-militia.

More about Ballistica: 

I do not recommend you to play Ballistica online. Ballistica is named as pocket tanks on Google Play store. That’s also a multiplayer game. You can invite your friends to game with you.

Which is your favorite?

So which is your favorite 2 players flash game? If the game is not in the small list above, comment it down below. We’ll add the game on here.

Comment if you want some more phenomenal 2 player flash games unblocked! If you are looking for PPSSPP games then you might like to go here. 🙂


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