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Alternatives To Teamviewer – 10 Free Teamviewer Alternatives

Alternatives to Teamviewer: We all know about Teamviewer. It’s one of the best free remote desktop software we could ever find. It helps us to access any computer you want. It does not matter where the other user is. It can connect with the other person from freaking anywhere.

Alternatives To Teamviewer: Best Free Remote Desktop Softwares

But here arises a question.

Why use any other teamviewer alternative when I can get this awesome free remote desktop software anywhere on the web?

Well, most of you might come with various responses to this question. But I’m pretty much sure, most of them would point to this answer: TeamViewer got hacked and we feel unsafe!

Yeah. It might be one of the issues. The developers are working on it to make it more secure. To be precise, the software is being used a mode of attack to the computer or system. That attack actually happens through emails. Let me not go through the way they do the job as this is not what you are here for. You’ll be getting to know some of the best alternatives to teamviewer which you can use today.

Well, there are many free remote desktop software which you could get on doing just a Google search. But from them, I’ve selected some of the renowned ones. So, I’ve collected around #10 free Teamviewer alternatives which you can download from the links which I’d added below.

What is Teamviewer?

Now, If you have not heard of Teamviewer and came to this post on searches of ‘best remote desktop software’ then here are some pieces of information you need to know about Teamviewer. It’s basically a remote desktop software as mentioned in the previous line which enables a user to connect to other PCs through an ID and a password.

Plus, it’s an open source remote desktop software. The interface of the software is designed in a really appealing manner. Almost everyone can use it without any sort of guidance. In case you want to see a video of its demonstration, here’s it:

Free Teamviewer Alternative

Ready to know more about the free teamviewer alternatives?

Well, I have told this once and want to tell you again that, I have personally tested and experimented all these alternatives to teamviewer which you find below. So, there’s no point in thinking about them before downloading. You can download the one which you find good or reconcilable with you. 

[table id=6 /]

We begin the list with Chrome Remote Desktop which I find is the most popular after teamviewer. Read and know more about it here:

#1. Chrome Remote Desktop: 

I place Chrome Remote Desktop at the 1st place because firstly it’s a product of Google. Google believes in perfection of every product they develop. I’ve used this remote desktop software a couple of times and I find it really impressive. It allows people to have access to an another computer/system with the graphical screen. And do not panic. It’s not a file with a huge size!

It’s just a small extension.

By the way, do you use Google Chrome?

You must have it installed in your system to have this work done as the Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension which can be used only in Google Chrome.


Moreover, a host plugin will be installed on your system which will enable remote connections on your system.

You can get the Chrome Remote Desktop app extension on Google Webstore. In case you are lazy to move there and search here’s the direct install link. Open it in your Chrome browser.

Get Extension

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#2. UltraVNC:

UltraVNC stands on the 2nd position on the list of free remote control software like Teamviewer. This tool is based on VNC technology. This open source remote desktop software was specifically developed for Windows systems to access other systems remotely.

And connecting to other system takes just a few minutes. After it is done, you can completely access to the other system remotely. This remote desktop software tool also allows you to transfer files which make it more efficient.


Not only that. You can also enable multiple sessions through this tool. You can download this tool by clicking the button below.

Download Tool

#3. TightVNC

TightVNC is also a renowned teamviewer alternative. It is totally free which is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. You can get the client software for Windows, Android, and iOS. The interface of the RDS is very simple which makes it easier for users to connect.

TightVNC is an open source remote desktop software like teamviewer as said earlier. Its features are almost the same as the UltraVNC. You can transfer files and control the mouse and the keyboard of the remote computer you connected with.


If you are facing any issue with this software then you can always read the TightVNC documentation to know more on how to configure it and use as a remote control software.

Download Tool

#4. WebEx Free

WebEx Free is an another software similar to teamviewer. It allows you to remotely connect different users based on different computers/systems.

One sole user who is hosting the meeting can share his desktop and can use his mouse and keyboard to present. And this is also a software similar to teamviewer as it allows sharing of files to each other, face-to-face live interaction, scheduling in outlook. Moreover, password protected messages can also be sent through this tool.

This tool is supported in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Mobile Apps. If you are looking for a really good business solution for remotely accessing a desktop for presentation or meeting purposes then you are good to go with this tool.

This is the best alternatives to teamviewer if you have a business and want remote control software to interact. You can download the tool from the button below.

PS: This tool also has an amazing premium plan

Download Tool

#5. Ammyy Admin:

Ammyy Admin is an another remote control software like teamviewer. Most of you might not have heard about it.

So, here are some of the glimpses to Ammyy Admin tool:

It’s free of charge! It works very fast and is easy to work with. It is a preferable solution for both the individuals and businesses. Perhaps the teamviewer and other software similar to teamviewer come in a size of more than 20MB. But in case of Ammyy Admin, you can have this tool on your PC just by spending 1MB. It’s a lightweight tool which works like charm.

The easy to manage feature makes the tool most preferable for remote desktop clients. Well, if you want this tool then you can download the one for non-commercial uses. You can also use the Starter, Premium and Corporate plans of this tool which is ideal for business. They are priced at $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.

This tool also contains Built-in voice and Text chat. You can download the free version of Ammyy Admin from the button given below.

Download Tool

#6. Splashtop:

Splashtop deserves to be in this top 10 remote desktop software list as it offers best free and paid remote desktop solutions. It is easy to use and is ideal for business enterprises.

I personally used this tool for more than 2 months. I use it in one of my business sites.

It is easy to use but the one problem you might find is the ‘installation’. People say it’s a bit complicated to install this tool, however, easy to use. But I do not find any complicated issue here. There are just some infos. you need to fill up and that’s all.

This amazing tool is supported by Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS!

This remote control software is the best choice for you if you give priorities to ‘security’. And yeah, you can get this tool for free. You can use this tool on up to five computers.

alternatives to teamviewer

Most of the people use this tool to access Android or iOS from Windows or Mac. One thing I can assure you in this tool is that you can get good quality voice which will let you enjoy the media even remotely.

But what about the pricing?

As told above it is free for 6 months, after that, you have to pay $1.99/month (Individual use). And if you want it for business then have to pay $60/year per user. You can download the free version of the tool from the button given below:

Download Tool

#7. Remote Desktop Connection:

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a client application which you can use in Microsoft for free remote desktop services (RDS). You do not have to download the application in Windows XP or higher because this tool already comes inbuilt with it.

Not only Windows!

You can also use this tool on various platforms like macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows phone as well.

Through the local network or via internet you can connect your systems with others remotely. You can also transfer files, listen to audio on the other computer, enable multiple sessions and a lot more in this tool.

Remote Desktop Connection

If you are running on Windows OS then you perhaps do not need to download the application. In case it’s not available in your system the download link is given below.

To launch Remote Desktop Connection tool, click the Start button and search for ‘Remote Desktop Connection’. Hit enter!

Download Tool

#8. RealVNC:

RealVNC provides both the free and paid versions of Remote Desktop Client. This tool is worth a mention in this software similar to Teamviewer list as even though it has a premium plan, the free version works like charm. This tool is a bit similar as the  Splashtop.


It is little complicated to set up! I do not mean, it’s hard to do so.

Other than that, this tool has got some really incredible features which you can access even in the free version.

It enables cross-platform remote control, VNC authentication, encryption, file transfer, collaboration tools and even more! And most of them can be accessed for free.

What I like the most in this tool is the cross-platform remote control. It allows you to connect multiple PC’s behind a public IP very easily. Connecting to different systems is an easy task.


This tool is supported on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi. You have to pay $30 to use the personal commercial plan and for the enterprise use, you have to pay $44. However, you can use this remote desktop software for completely free for private use. There’s a lot of features available in it as said earlier. Since this post is on free top 10 remote desktop software I’ll be providing you with the free versions download link. Get it below:

Download Tool

#9. Join.me

Join.me is another free/premium alternatives to teamviewer. It helps multiple people from freaking anywhere in the world to get connected with each other at the same time. A good fact about this remote control software is that it enables up-to 250 participants to get connected at the same time.

This tool is supported by Windows and Mac OS X. It also offers unlimited audio i.e. the users can interact and talk to anyone from any device. The quality of the call is astounding.

This tool is developed by LogMeIn developers. It offers easy recording. That is one of the features I like most as in case someone missed the conference or presentation he/she can get the recorded video. And secondly, it has the one-click meeting scheduling feature enabled in this tool. Most of the people find it difficult to create a meeting ID as it requires a lot of verifications and details. But it’s not the same in case of Join.me. It enables one click meeting scheduling.

alternatives to teamviewer

The paid version of this remote desktop software offers up to 250 participants to join the meeting at a time. You can download the free version of the tool by hitting the button given below.

Download Tool

#10. Mikogo

Mikogo comes last in the list of alternatives to Teamviewer.

I listed this remote control software in the end of the list as this tool is priced heavily in the market for the business users. But the price is worth the features it has in it.

The tool is completely browser based. You do not need a software or plugin to install on your system to have access to the tool.

One more factor for which I feel it is over priced is, it has gotten tons of features. Mikogo is great for remote support and conferences/meetings.


But if you have a budget in getting a remote control software like teamviewer then I highly recommend you to get this tool.  The best value for your money is what you get with Mikogo on the premium plans.

This tool is supported on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices.

And for the pricing, you need to pay $13/mo for 3 participants, $19/mo for 25 participants, $39/mo for 25 participants. And lastly $78/mo for 25 participants with 3 session channels.

Download Tool

Final Words: 

These are some of the free Teamviewer alternatives which you can use today. I told in the beginning of the post that there are many alternatives to Teamviewer and not just these 10. I’ve added the latest top 10 remote desktop software which you can ever experience. In case, you feel, I missed out something, do comment about it in the comment section below.

They will be added soon in the alternatives to Teamviewer list here with credits!


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