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The Top Free Minute Apps For Your Android Device – Get Talktime Free

In this post I’ll be listing you out three best apps which will give you free talk time. But note that the talk time is limited. You’ll not get unlimited talk time for the whole day. Well, that’s somewhat impossible. Read more about the 4 best free minute apps which I’ve listed below.

I’ve written about some of the apps which is a bit similar of this. But it gives just a 20 Rupees recharge. Not the free talktime. If you want to get the free Rs.20 bonus offer on your phone then do read these two awesome posts which are waiting for you:

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What’s Free Minute Apps?

Free minute apps signify the applications, made for Android which enables you to get free limited talktime on your phone (SIM). Well, there are several apps I’ve encountered with which is of the same kind (gives you talktime) but they are not so good. They just allows you to make calls only if your friend (the one who you want to call for) is using the same app. An good example of this app will be the best chatting App in today’s era – WhatsApp as you can call your friend in WhatsApp for free. But he/she also needs to have WhatsApp to receive calls.

And also there are some apps which offers free minutes to the customers but they are on a limited time only. I mean you can have that talktime in a single evening or somewhat something like that! Whatever. Lets now proceed towards the APPS.

The four best android apps for free talktime:

  • Dingaling
  • Libon
  • Xone
  • Voxox


Note: The apps which I listed below is not available for download in all the countries around the globe. But don’t worry, you can change the IP and proxy address to download this.

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The Best Free Minute Apps Review:

1) Dingaling:

This App enables us to call to our friends every month. Every minutes get recharged on the 1st of every month. The calls can be connected easily. It doesn’t matters what networks you are experiencing (2G, 3G,4G WiFi). Through this application you can make free calls as I mentioned before and also send free messages along with lengthy videos. You can download this app by clicking here: Dingaling

2) Libon

By installing the Libon App you can get free talktime and calls to mobiles and landlines both in your local county and of course to the international countries. But they are for a limited time. If you refer the link of this app to your friends and if he/she installs the app then your talktime in you wallet will get doubled. You can earn 30 minutes per referral instead of 15. This app also enables you to send pics/ videos and other files. You can download this app by clicking here: Libon

3) Voxox

Voxox is an awesome app which in every month gives a budget of $1 (INR 64) to your talk time wallet. By that dollar we can call, text our friends and one of the best feature is calling to the other voxox app users is unlimited. You can call with them as much you want to. And some more privileges of the app includes – group messaging, finding friends and sharing your location etc. You can download this app by clicking here: Voxox

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4) Xone

The previous app voxox offers you a $1 in a month. And on the other hand this app gives you 100 minutes of free talktime. And note that you will get free minutes talktime after every 30 days from the date of registration. And the Xone app have partnership with only 17 countries. Some of them are as follows:

  • China
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Macau
  • Malaysia etc.

And you can download this app from here: Xone

So these were the latest free minute apps which offers you free talktime for a limited time in a month. There are some more apps like these but I’ve not listed them here because they are not beneficial until you upgrade the application to the premium version. These 4 super apps are small in size. You can try all of them at once.

And it cost a handsome amount of money to be upgraded. And lastly I’d like to tell you that when you make a call to anyone dial the country code at first and then proceed with the phone number. If you don’t follow this then the call might not be forwarded to the person to whom you are calling to.

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