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Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset Specifications & Review

Heard of Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset?

Maybe yes!

It’s one of the bosses of the headset arena! It’s basically a German privately-held audio company specializing in the design and production brand which develops quality electronic products.

Here, we are with a mobile headset review. It’s the Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset.

Head over below and read the Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset review which includes the specifications and features!

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Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset

Sennheiser cx275s universal mobile headset is a perfect headset for high powered dynamic speaker systems. If you are opting for a great bass-driven stereo sound I would seriously prefer you this extremely well designed and well-built headset with signature Sennheiser sound.

It has a Premium comfort of ear adaptors in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation.

One of the most attractive parts of this device is its design. Its intuitive designs are highly-aesthetic and ergonomic. Many of the headsets nowadays are so built that one doesn’t understand how to use it. This device is so built that it lays emphasis on the ease of use.It has an integrated microphone and smart remote for enhanced usability which is truly beyond wow! 

It is true that when you pay for something you want an ascertainment about the very product about is functioning and durability. For the very purpose, the company comes up with a peace treaty of two-year international warranty.

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Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset Specifications

Experiencing the sound quality: Now it is the real time of experiencing ultimate sound system on-the-move with Sennheiser cx275s universal mobile headset. For performance oriented aspect experts have tried and tested it for various environments and the results have turned out to be outstanding.

If you have truly made up your mind to buy this earphone, be ready to get blown by the sound quality that’s true-to-life. It is assured that you’ll be getting a truly good quality earphone. There are many good reviews on the earphone. Here’s one:

Powerful Speaker and Multi-Sized Ear Adapters: Music is a good source of refreshment so even if you are a recording artist or a usual music lover, Sennheiser earplugs are designed such that they can thrill you with its smashing speaker system. These earplugs have a frequency response up to 23,000Hz.

Nowadays people are so busy that they can hardly give any time for each work they have. So for a situation like this, these earphones come with a built-in microphone and remote for your ease and comfort so that you can manage your calls and switch FM channels easily.

This very earphone accompanies 3 different sizes of ear adapters which are customized according to different ear sizes. It is often seen that many of the earplugs don’t fit one’s phone perfectly creating disturbances. Keeping these problems in mind Sennheiser has come up with a new ideology.

Regardless of what brand and model of Smartphone you are using, you will not face any compatibility issues with Sennheiser.

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This earphone is worth around ₹1,999.00. Some of the features and info on the earphone are listed below.

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So that’s all about the Sennheiser CX275s Universal Mobile Headset. If you want to buy an earphone at a cheap budget then I hope you would like to read this: Best Earphones Under 500 INR. Drop your queries below, if you have any!




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