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Boxhead Unblocked – Play Unblocked Games on your Browser

Boxhead Unblocked: This post is all about the Boxhead Unblocked Game. Boxhead is a phenomenal game, Y’all can play with your friends. This game is one of the most popular multiplayer browser flash game. This is a Sean Cooper Game where you can play three different modes –

  • Single Play
  • Cooperative
  • Death Match

Single play, as we all know, you have to fight alone and you do not have any allies. You singlehandedly need to fight against the rivals. But on the other hand, in the Cooperative math, you can play the game with your friend. This is basically a two-player multiplayer shooting.

It’s really great fighting together with your friend. Isn’t it?

In the multiplayer version of the game, you can choose several characters. Here are their names, Bon, Bambo, Bind and Bert. When you first start the game as a single player, the main character would be Jon Bambo. He needs to fight singlehandedly in the game at the single-player mode.

You can also play death-match in the game where your friend is your rival in the game. That’s interesting to play! You must give a shot.

But who are the enemies you need to fight with?

Well, they are the demons and the zombies with whom you need to fight. The more you upgrade yourself by going to the advanced levels, the stronger your enemies become. Some of your enemies, like you, also have the power to shoot you fireballs.

Playing single player and advancing in the game is a bit challenging. It’s challenging for multi-player as well, but it’s always fun playing with your friend as an ally.

Play Boxhead Unblocked Online

Considering the fact, you’re here for the game, you can access it there below. Scroll down below if you want to know about the controls of the game.

NOTE: Switch on, or allow Flash player on your browser to play the game. Click on allow flash player button and you are good to go. 

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UP – W







Every gun has limited Ammo in it. So you need to use your bullets wisely when you are surrounded by zombies on all side. The shotgun is my personal favorite gun ’cause it takes just 1-2 bullets barely to bang a zombie. UZI is also a good gun to deal with.

The greatest gun I’ve found in boxhead unblocked is the Railgun. You get the gun in higher levels. I’m sure that would be your favorite too!

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Not just guns in the game!

You can also throw grenades at your opponents and it causes a BIG bash! That’s enough to kill many of ’em.

Final Words: So that’s all the Boxhead Unblocked game is all about. Did you like the game? Which is your favorite level? Let’s talk in the comment section below! 🙂


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