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Clash Of Clans Hack- Xmod

Hey folks!

Recently I wrote about creating fake whatsapp convo. Today I thought of posting about a hack! Its the Clash Of Clans Hack which you are searching of. 😀 I  made my mind to post it due to the demand from my friends..the COC addicts.! Really, COC is spreading like a viral fever, started as a  option to break the boredom, this game will keep you engage whole day, as good chief is never out of his duty. xD

This article is for educational purpose only. I won’t recommend you to use this hack to do in the wars as it will have a serious consequence on it.

What Are The Requirements For The Hack?

What exactly you need for performing this hack are –

  1. A Rooted Device! Your phone Must Be Rooted or jail breaked iDevice.
  2. A backup of your Phone – To make sure the data of your phone is safe.
  3.  The Xmod game.  (x mod Clash Of Clans)
  4. Your brain.

These are the things you need for. You you’ve done these then kindly proceed to the next. Else, get these done.

What Is COC Xmod?

So, “x mod Clash Of Clans” is the awesome App about which I was talking about. Its available for Android and IOS and is a free app available for download using which you will be able to mod many games. But here Clash of Clans hack is what we are looking for. 😀 So, we are gonna give prior to only COC.

How To Do Xmod to COC?

You can check out the below steps- a guide which is gonna help you to do Xmod. As I’m an Android fan boy so don’t know much about IOS. Sorry! So, Android punks, read on..

  • Firstly Launch The XMOD, you will see a message saying XMOD Games has been granted…(See Screenshot below #the App)


  • Under The XMOD tab search for Clash Of Clans. See the screenshot. It will appear like this..


  • Download Clash Of Clans game from there. have a look at the red box there up. Click there..


  • Then Run COC in XMOD by pressing the “launch” button.

Well guys, I recommend you to Check the Official Xmod Guide. Which will help you further.

So, after you did the above steps the App will be opened having sign on right corner. Click on there to go for Xmod mode. That’s all!

Enjoy this simple Clash Of Clans Hack for free. Now Go and read for the priviliges of X Mod Clash Of Clans, on what can you do through this hack:

What’s The Benefit Of This Hack?

So, these are the priviliges you are gonna get once you did this hack. 😀

1) SandBox attack.

 In SandBox attack, you can set your troops and attack with different tactics. After having some MOCK attacks with the village you can make yourself ready final attack and get maximum stars for your clan. You will never miss a single star.

2) Set a limit.

You can set limits for Gold, Elixir, Trophies,Townhall. After getting satisfied opponent, the search option will automatically stop!

3) Stay Active

You will never get attacked while you are inactive. It works like a shield. This App will keep you active till app is running in background and you are performing other tasks..

 Join Our COC clan – Horse Riderz


Isn’t it an awesome App? How Much Do you rate it? So hack Clash of Clans with this just 9 MB cheat and dominate and build a powerful village.

Why Waiting? Share this trick with your friends on social media. And Clashhh on….Click here to go to our Clash Of Clans page.

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