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Connect Internet In PC By Android Mobile With USB

In this post you will learn to connect internet in PC by android mobile with USB. Well, there are many ways to of mobile internet sharing like by using some apps and others. But this is the method which is being used much by people around the world. You can share internet to your PC by your Android, Windows, Symbian or from whatever phone you have (which have internet connectivity). And some of the old model phones are not having this facility so check if yours falls on that category. If yes you need to read any other guide for mobile internet sharing. For this, I’d say download a software which enables you to do that job. Just Google it and you will get a heap of results.

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Mobile Internet Sharing

Well, this is the way which I daily perform when my dongle isn’t available. I just recharge my phone with a 3G pack and then connect it with the PC. I recommend you not to recharge 2G packs if you want to connect it to PC as it’s damn slow. (No doubt, if you can manage with it.) And in the new version mobiles there is the Bluetooth tethering feature which enables you to connect internet to PC easily. I’ll tell you about that after some days.  So you have just got the concept of mobile internet sharing. Now lets move forward to implement it.

Connect Internet In PC By Android Mobile With USB

Step 1) Connect your mobile to your PC/lappy via the USB cable which you got in the set box.

Step 2) Check if your mobile internet is running properly. If yes proceed >

Step 3) Go to settings, then Select wireless and networks and tap on “Tethering and portable hotspot”. (Setting -> Wireless and networks ->Tethering and portable hotspot)

connect internet in PC by android mobile with USB

Step 4) Enable the USB Tethering.

Step 5) Check if the internet access in your PC is enabled by going to the right bottom.

internet connection


DONE! If any problem arises to connect internet in PC by android mobile with USB then do comment below. I’ll try to solve your problems.

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