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How to Download Instagram Profile Picture of Anyone?

Download Instagram Profile Picture: Recently I wrote about increasing Instagram Followers by CaseQuare Technique. Precisely, I got a great response from that article on social media. If you haven’t yet read that post, I recommend you to navigate there and give a read.

Anyhow, here, in this article you’ll be knowing how to view or download Instagram DP of anyone. The image or DP will be full size and not the small circular one.

There are basically two methods to download Instagram Profile Picture of anyone. First is the URL editing trick and the other one is through an application. Let’s begin with the URL Change trick to enlarge Instagram profile photo.

How to view Instagram profile picture

As told above there are two methods to view Instagram DP. First is the URL editing trick. Let’s begin with that trick.

METHOD #1: URL Change Technique 

  • Firstly open your Instagram App.
  • Then go to the account of which you want to enlarge or download the Instagram profile photo.
  • After the profile is displayed on your screen, tap the button at the right as you can see in the image below. The button is circled RED.

instagram profile picture

  • A profile menu will be appearing on your screen as shown above. From that menu, you need to click on ‘Copy Profile URL’
  • After you have copied the Profile URL go to Google Chrome on your mobile and paste the link.
  • After you have pasted the link to the profile and searched for it, the account will be opened in the browser. You’ll see almost the same things you see on your Instagram App. Long press on your profile picture until this appears:


  • After that, tap on ‘Open image in new tab’.
  • A new tab will be opened where you’ll be able to see the image. See screenshot>

  • The image which appears is too small. So, to enlarge this IG profile picture you have to do a little modification to its URL.
  • Go to the URL of the current page. You’ll see ‘s150x150′ on the URL as shown below:

  • Now remove the ‘s150x150′ from the URL of that page and hit enter.
  • BOOM! You’ll see an enlarged image of the Instagram profile picture.




As told earlier, there is an another method to download or view Instagram profile picture of any user. That is by an Application. You need to download the APP to view someones Instagram DP. However, I prefer the above way to enlarge an Instagram profile picture as it can be done pretty much faster and do not require any downloads.

You can watch the video of downloading or viewing Insta profile picture here:

  • Firstly download the Application for Android from the button below:

Download APP

  • Copy the username of the account you want to view the photo of.
  • Paste it in the App which you just downloaded.
  • It’ll show you the enlarged Instagram profile picture. You can then download it and store in your device.

Final Words:

This is how you can see full-size Instagram profile picture. If you want to add something more in this post then you are most welcome. Comment it down.

Now as you have learnt how to save someone’s Instagram profile picture, don’t forget to hit a share or like on the post. I’ll be back with some more Instagram hacks very soon.


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