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How To Earn Money by Playing Games without Investment?

Are you looking for a source of income?

Second, are you a gamer?

On the off chance that you are from the above classifications then you’ll get something truly awesome here. You’ll be learning how to earn money by playing games without investment. You can play a game and earn money free both your Android smartphone and your laptop. It isn’t very hard as it seems to be (for few of you).

Before I begin this post, I’d like to disclaim that please ignore reading this post if you are already having a good source of income. This method won’t give you 100’s of dollars overnight. You have to perform some tasks in order to make some bucks. But if you want to make a decent $100-$150 every month then you can give this method a hit.

earn money by playing games without investment

How To Earn Money By Playing Games

Recently I did an experiment of this. And it turned out to be a successful way of generating revenue for me. Here I’ll share a small glimpse of the technique. Well, it’s basically uploading videos to YouTube.


That isn’t complicated. Do not leave!

In my first month, I got around 1.6Lakh views on my videos. My channel was COMPLETE new. It got 1.9k subscribers and generated a $71 in the first 30 days. Isn’t it amazing?

To be precise, I got this idea from ‘YouThoob’ star Carryminati. He use to do the live stream of games of various genres. Once I accidentally landed to one of his live video and seeing his viewers, I was like, ‘WTF’, ‘Woahh’. :p

After that, I began analyzing gaming channels. I was stunned seeing the amount of views they got. In some of the videos of length less than 3 mins, there were around 800k views!

They make a LOT… A lot.

They just play the game, record it with a software and upload it. And that makes them earn thousands of dollars online. If they can, then why can’t we?

Thinking that I started that channel. It’s a huge success though.

One more thing I’d like to add it up here. Those videos have an amazing CPC (Cost Per Click). You can earn a lot on targeting for the keyword of that particular niche.

What Type of Games to play?

Have a look at the games section of Play Store. You will see hundreds of thousands of games installed on more than 5-10 million devices. But the irony is they aren’t much famous. You might not even hear many of the games having installs more than 1 Billion.

Yes, I’m not kidding. 😀

But it’d not be a fair idea if you work on games like COC, Asphalt etc. They have a huge competition in this field.

Basically, what we need to do is, get all the requirements like a Gaming Mouse, Keyboard Etc., play a game, record it and then upload it to YouTube. That pretty much it.

But How To Get Views On your Video?

Okay, by now this might have come to your mind. How are you going to get views on your uploaded video?


You’ll be getting a huge amount of views from Google and YouTube. All you need to do is ‘choose the right game’! Once the game selection is done you’ll be flooded with a lot of views on your videos. 🙂

Here I’d like to add two types of games which you must not choose.

1) Do not ever try to compete the Famous games like COC, Clash Royale, Asphalt etc.
2) Second, don’t go for the games which do not have levels. For example: Subway Surfer, Temple Run, 8 Ball Pool, etc. As your videos will be getting views as per the levels of the game.

When People (Gamers) are not able to complete a level of a game, what do they do?

They type the mission or level name on YouTube or Google. On analyzing some keywords I got that most of the game missions have monthly search volume from 1k-5k. For example, you can observe these keywords on YouTube.

  • “domino kill hitman.”
  • “candy crush level 43.”

  • “score hero level 132 3 stars.”

So what you need to do is find such games and bank a few dollars in your pocket.

How to Record the Video?

Recording the video isn’t a tough work. It’ll run in the background. There are many premium video recorder available online. You can buy one of them for professional experience.

Or if you do not want to invest on it right now then you can shoot a try to this video editor.

AZ Screen Recorder

Although it’s free it gives a wide range of possibilities. Moreover, it works on both rooted and non-rooted phones. So, anyone can have it installed. This App makes it possible to earn money by playing games without investment.

Simply Upload the Video?

Again, here’s a thing.

You might speculate, do I just have to upload the video to start earning money?

The answer is NO.

You need to follow few guidelines to get traffic on your Video.

But do not panic!

It’s again a simple task. 🙂

You have to upload it with some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics like headings, tags, descriptions etc. To be simple, I mean, you have to add proper heading to the video. The heading, tags, and descriptions must contain the keyword (the mission name) in it to get maximum output from it.

As for YouTube, I do keyword stuffing to my videos. I basically stuff the keyword 3-4 times in the description of the video to get more visibility in the search.

After you are done with all these, wait for few hours for your YouTube link to get indexed (to appear on google) in Google. After it is indexed, you’ll start getting visitors on your video. Indexing generally takes 12-24 hours. However, in some cases, it takes even more.

But here’s a trick. If you want to get it indexed on Google faster then you must try the ADD URL trick. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Google.com
  2. Type ‘submit a site to google’
  3. In the box, you can see on the page, paste the video link.

4. And then click on SUBMIT. Your video will be visible on Google after 30-120 mins at an average.

5. DONE. You can check your video on Google by entering the specific KEYWORD.

You will start getting views automatically if you have chosen right Game. If you are not ranked on the first page/top position then you can create a blog as well write 300-400 words post about it & embed your Video. Do some basic link building like profile links and blog commenting. After those are done you can easily rank the YouTube videos.

After you start getting a good amount of views you can monetize your channel via Google AdSense for earnings. I’ve not included that part here as it’ll be very long if I write on it. You can refer this video if you want to get the detailed guide on setting up AdSense.

FINAL WORDS: As I told you earlier, this method is for newbies. It will definitely help them to earn few decent bucks online. 🙂 In this tutorial, I wrote about how to earn money by playing games on Android. However, you can try this with Apple/iOS Devices too as they will give you an awesome CPC (iPhone CPC is high 😉 ). So, you can try out iOS games as well. The empire is huge. Try to conquer as much as you can!


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