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How to earn money online in India : Affiliate Marketing technique

It’s is my 106th post here, and I’m posting it after six months, to be exact. You might surmise the fact, why I didn’t post anything during these months. I got stuck into a lot of online projects just after my exams ended. Let’s not talk about my exams as they already are giving me nightmares.

Anyhow, let’s get into the post. So, in this post, I’ll be revealing you an easy yet impressive way by which you can earn money online. You do not have to work much hard for it. It just needs some physical labour, and that’s all. The central concept of this trick is affiliate marketing though net cafe in India. You will learn how to earn money online without paying anything. Are you able to grasp out something?

Don’t worry if you are not able to. An enormous, detailed guide is waiting for you below. Even a beginner can do it. Move on.

Easiest way to earn money online in India

earn money by affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

So, firstly I’m going to give you an idea what exactly affiliate marketing is. If you are well versed with it, you may leave this part and move to the next. Through affiliate marketing, people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you need to refer someone any online product and when the person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

It essentially plugs you into a network of people who, for a slight commission, refer people to buy your products and services. Affiliate marketing, to use a single example, is an excellent task for somebody who would like to make money on a part-time basis or maybe to supplement your already existent income. Affiliate programs allow you to increase your odds of income by producing income opportunities through a home-based small business.

Perhaps you just aren’t employing an internet affiliate marketing program that you’re passionate about. You should register with an internet online affiliate marketing program. Are you able to get it? The below image will make your affiliate marketing concept clear.

how affiliate marketing works

As I started with FLIPKART affiliate during my initial ventures, I’ll be focusing on it more. However, you can go for affiliates of Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra etc too. 

Suppose there is a product which is being sold by a Flipkart seller. Let’s assume the product to be ‘a keyboard‘. Now, you can be an affiliate partner of the product and refer it to your friends or relatives to buy. And when they buy from you, you get a commission. You have to refer them to your own affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link now?

It’s just a link of the e-commerce site with your affiliate tag in it. Given below are two links. Look at them properly and figure out the difference.

What’s the difference? I guess you understood what more an affiliate link contains which make it different from a normal link. But clicking either of them will finally take you to the same destination. Now, if you buy the product by clicking the second link then I’ll earn some commission as it has my affiliate tag in it (&affid=kreettana1).

The commission is around 4%. The commission rate of Flipkart for computer accessories is too low. There are millions of products on Flipkart. And every genre offers a different level of commissions If you want to know about the commission % of the products then click here; Flipkart Commissions.  Departments like Fashion & Lifestyle, Toys & School Supplies, Baby Care & Diapers :p etc offers around 10% of commissions.

Okay. Now if you buy the keyboard from my affiliate link which is worth ₹1,299 then I’ll be getting around 4% commission. Let’s do some maths. What would be 4% of ₹1,299? My calculator screen says 51.99. So, ₹51.99 will directly be transferred to my account.

Earn Money Through Flipkart Affiliate

Perhaps I am able to sense your mind. You are thinking about, how to get your own affiliate link. Right? It’s simple. You just have to sign up in the Flipkart affiliate page. After signing in you can access the dashboard and make your own affiliate links. It’s far easier than creating a facebook account.

I hope you are able to get a crystal clear idea of affiliate marketing. Online affiliate marketing is a huge way for internet merchants to acquire word out about their services or products by paying commissions to middlemen. 

 Sharing your affiliate links

Just registering yourself as an affiliate for the products won’t make any sense on generating profit. You need to plunge into action and share your affiliate links to your friends, relatives and to every possible person. Below are the two ways by which I promoted my links for maximum clicks. 

 Sharing it on social media:

You can share your affiliate link on your own profile. You can get clicks from your friends and family by the share on your profile. Secondly, there are millions of groups in facebook. There are groups of almost all genres. If you want to sell a video game then just search for facebook groups with the keyword: ‘video game’ and post your affiliate link.

I promoted the game, ‘Call of duty‘ on many facebook groups.

call of duty

Since I do not use any social media site other than Insta and Facebook, I’m telling you only about these two. You can, however, promote your links on Google+ posts and groups, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Not everyone will clicks on your link if you post it on social medias. The clicks will not be much. Let me tell you one more thing about social media promotion. Just posting the link to groups and profile won’t do anything. You have to creatively appeal customers to buy it from you. Like, you can go to the offer page on Flipkart and then you can select any one product which you think has more buying intent.

 Netcafe trick – I earned ₹4000 through this technique

A lot of affiliate marketing and promotion has been talked about. Let’s move to the central part of the post. So, to be honest, I experimented this trick 16 months back and I was not even sure if it’d work. But as the saying goes, ‘The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act’ it turned out to be a profitable deal to be bestowed upon. I made around ₹4,000 in the 1st month. And till date, that’s the easiest way to earn money for me, even though it’s very low in amount. But how did I earn?

Follow the below steps. Learn and earn. 🙂 

STEP 1: Firstly, I registered and created my affiliate link from Flipkart.

STEP 2: I selected a random product (say, headphone) and made my own affiliate link.

STEP 3: The affiliate link made is a long one. It’s hard to remember. So, I shortened the link via bit.do. There are a lot of URL shorteners available on the web. But I personally recommend bit.do.

I’ve pasted my affiliate link in the box shown above and the custom URL permalink in the next box. Then just click the SHORTEN button and you are done with your new links. This is my affiliate link now: http://bit.do/silentpoints_netcafe_trick

STEP 4: Now the main work starts. Near my residence, I’ve 6 net cafes. So, I manually went to 4 of them and opened my affiliate links on their browsers. Didn’t went to the other too as the distance was a bit longer. xD

So, I opened this link: “http://bit.do/silentpoints_netcafe_trick” on all the browsers of the 4 net cafes. Flipkart stores a cookie for 24 hours, i.e. your Flipkart affiliate link will be stored on the browser for 24 hours. After that, it is going to expire and you’ll not be getting the commission.

In the very first day,  I got a sale. I got ₹680 as commission. The earning was damn low, but that feeling when I saw, I made ₹680 is indescribable. I jumped out of joy on making my 1st online earning. It wasn’t hard as you can see. Subsequently, the earnings started fluctuating. In some days there were not at all sales.

Most of the people in India (especially backward areas) are not familiar in doing internet banking so they go to their nearby net cafes to have the order fixed. That’s the reason this trick is a bit promising. Students can earn money online without at all investment. That’s the reason I wrote this post. 

Later I realised that there were affiliate programs for all the e-commerce shopping sites. And sites like Amazon has 90 days cookie policy. And that’s incredible. I signed up for many of these sites as an affiliate partner. You too can sign up by clicking on the below buttons:

Amazon Affiliate

Snapdeal Affiliate

Ebay Affiliate

Jabong Affiliate

After signing up follow the steps I gave above. Open all these affiliate links on the net cafes and you are done. Just sit affiliate marketingback and keep checking your earnings. I recommend you to go for AMAZON affiliate as I’ve got it to be the best and I’m using it for my niche sites. They are doing well. The 90-day cookie policy makes the program more reliable.

However, I’ve left this technique of earning money a year back and I’m completely into blogging. This post was specifically made for those kids who wants to make some quick money for their future investments. Hope you liked reading. So, by now you might have learned the easiest way on how to earn money online in India. GO IMPLEMENT this technique and start earning. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this then do comment below. I’ll try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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