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Fake ID Generator For Facebook To Unblock Accounts

Hey! How are you doing. I recently wrote about The Fixing Of Windows 10; Start Menu And Cornata issues which is really beneficial for many of my viewers. And here, this is a post for the same benefit, dedicated to you specially if your facebook account is blocked. However you could get some good help from facebook help centre as well if your condition is little complicated type and is not being solved by the trick here.

Ways To Verify Your Identity In Facebook Legally

These are the ways listed, by which you can verify your identity. You need to go for any of the three ways to verify the ID :


Fake ID Generator for facebook

So, from these three, you need to use any one. The one which we’re gonna use up is the government ID. Don’t have a government ID? Don’t worry. That’s no need! You can create one for free in few minutes with an ultra awesome android app. 😀 Seems cool?

Two of my fake accounts have been blocked by facebook. (I wonder how they knew that it were fake.) As I didn’t had any documents to verify that fake profile, what I did is, used this method/trick to get back my account. I am running that account now. Its working fine. And if are in the same condition as mine then your problem will be solved.

Method For Fake ID Generator for Facebook

Fake ID Generator for facebook


Step 1) Install Fake ID Generator in Your Android Device By clicking here:

Fake ID Generator – Play Store

Step 2) Run this app by clicking on the featured icon.

Step 3) They will ask for your Date of Birth and Name. Just name that account and its DOB (Date OF Birth) in that place

Step 3) Select a specific Country. The country should be matching with the one with that account (the one which was blocked).

Step 4) Upload A Photo Of that Person. Can give anyone’s photo.

Step 5) Click on the Generate button to complete the entire stuff.

Step 6) So, Your Fake id Card is being Generated.

 Fake ID Generator- screenshot thumbnail

Step 7) Upload it to facebook by going here.

Facebook will review your ID and then approve/unblock your account in around 7 days. Sometimes it takes more time also.

What More Can The Fake ID Generator For Facebook Do?

Well, it’s not just a fake id generator for facebook. The app can perform many cool functions. These includes the following:

• Credit Card
• Generic Identification
• Employee Badge
• Student ID
• Police ID
• Inmate ID
• Movie Ticket
• More coming soon!

But remember, don’t misuse this. You can even add your own photo, and draw your own signature. If you don’t feel like including a certain bit of information, no problem, just leave it blank; it’s all for fun!

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