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Make Free Prank Calls To Friends from Someone’s Number: Phone Call Trick

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Recently, I wrote about the Interesting facts about the Internet. They were the facts which many of us are not aware of. If you didn’t read that post then go read it now. It’s interesting.

Free Prank Calls To Friends: The Concept

And here, I have written about doing free prank calls to friends from anyone’s phone number.  Here, I wrote about some more interesting pranks. Of them the most viewed was : to Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation.

One more thing! The main feature of the trick, for which it is a well known one is….it’s free of charge! Yes you heard it right. It’s absolutely free. And you can do it from any android smartphone. 😀

Let me tell you about the scenario of that, so that you’d be able to know about the concept of it better. So, you are A, and you have a friend called B. So, what are you doing is, hosting a call from B‘s phone to someone else. Haha its going to hilarious right?

How Can We Do This?

Now the question arises! How can we make this shit work?


Well using an Application called VOXOX we can do this and the good news to you is that this service is available on iOS, Android and Windows. Hope the criteria fits on you…  😀

Before I start with, I want to tell you all not to harm anyone with this trick. Don’t use it for illegal purpose. SilentPoints will not be responsible if you do any stupid stuffs by having free prank calls to friends and other peoples. 

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Steps To Do Free Prank Calls To Friends:


1) Click the preferred button below and download Voxox. (Foe windows you can proceed here)

           Voxox – Android   Voxox   – IOS

2) Download the desired application for your computer.

3) Now, install the software.

4) Sign Up with their free account. (rewards you with $1 free credit on signing yourself up)

5) Enter up your name, mobile number and email and get started.

6) After these setting up are done, you will see a screen like this:

voxox main dial pad

7) Click on that small dial pad and enter your friends mobile number that you want to call.

8) Now you need to change the CALLER ID. For that click the small phone icon on the bottom and choose “My Caller ID“.

voxox caller id changing option

Why Changing that caller ID?

It makes your phone number different. If your friend’s phone number is 900900, then if you change the caller ID to that number then the calls that the ones are gonna receive will be seeing your friends number instead of yours. OR your friends phone number will be displayed.

9)  After clicking on “My Caller ID“, this pop up is gonna appear on your screen.

voxox caller id dialog

10) And now, change the phone number that will be written there from before to your friends phone number.

NOTE: You need to choose the proper country code. Check the screenshot above, I used 91 as our country code.

So, it’s done! This was the way to make free prank calls to friends. If you face any difficulties do comment below.

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