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Boost Your Instagram Followers by CaseQuare Technique

Hi there!

I’m back here after a month. I got occupied with my exams the last month so, was unable to post stuffs here. Today I’m with an awesome trick through which you can get Instagram followers without following anyone from your account. And it’s my last post of the year in this warehouse. I assure you that this post is gonna be 100% genuine!

[UPDATE] Listen, there are two tricks listed here, Boomerang and CaseQuare. The CaseQuare technique is there below. If you are here only for the CaseQuare technique, consider scrolling below or tap on ‘3. CaseQuare technique‘ in the table of contents below. I did this update because most of you are ending up reading only the Boomerang method. 

Get Instagram followers fast free!

In case you’re just starting out with Instagram, posting photographs randomly could be a bit depressing as in the initial stages you won’t be getting a good amount of likes from just a handful of followers. And that’s enough to get discouraged.

get follows

So, just for this reason, I’m here, with the way through which you can get 2-3k followers easily in just less than 3 weeks. Yeah, you heard it right! You can boost your Instagram followers from ‘0 to 2000-3000’ in just less than 21 days. And that’s being verified by me. I gave it the name; ‘CaseQuare Technique’.

The current amount of followers on my profile (2k+) is a great milestone for me as I got ‘em without even following anyone from my profile and also not buying them. To the ones who do not know, you can buy followers on Instagram. But they are too costly to be afforded. The trick which you are going to learn now, to get instant followers is much better than the BUY-Followers method.

Before proceeding to the main trick, do read the ‘Boomerang Trick’. I bet most of you do not know about this…

Credit: .entrepreneur.com

 The Boomerang Trick

Well, there is a painstaking alternative to the CaseQuare technique. Most of us probably know about that. If we compress the trick in a line it will be: ‘Follow others; get back your follow’. It must be noted that not everyone will follow you back!

So, how to get the ones who are interested in following you? (No matter if you’re a boy even! 😛  )


There are literally some ‘insta follow accounts’ which are made to follow and like your posts. But do remember, not all the follow back accounts are of this kind. Some are of genuine people too.


The concept of this technique is:

  •  Follow as much as you can

  •  They will follow you back

  •  Unfollow the ones you followed. 😀

Above I’ve mentioned that, not all the ones you followed will follow you back. So, to get the optimum possible ‘follow back accounts’ you need to go through the below steps:

Step (i): Log in with your Instagram credentials. Tap on the search button and type the keyword ‘Instagram Followers’.

Step (ii): In the list, you’ll find many accounts of such type. Just click on any one of them. Here I’m choosing the free instagram followers (@instafollowers0100) account which is at the top.

Step (iii): You can see, it have 12.5K followers. Now click on it.

Step (iv): And the main process begins! Follow as much as you can from this huge list. But it is recommended not to follow 300 users in 1 hour. Doing that might block your Instagram account temporarily for 12-24 hrs.

as much as you can
Follow as much as you can 😉

Step (v): Stop after you following 500 users from that list and keep your ‘following’ amount static for about a day. You’ll then see a lot of follow backs to you.

Step (vi): Keep continuing this process until your follower hungriness gets over. :-p

Step (vii): After you got a decent amount of follows, just unfollow all the ones you followed right then. And you are DONE!

NOTE: Constantly un-following users might lead to a temporary block on your account. So, to prevent it un-follow only 200 users in 1 hour.

Here, I’ve used the keyword ‘Instagram followers’ to find the follow back accounts. However, there are many more accounts which could be accessed by using the keywords of this kind:

  • Follow for Instagram
  • Follow back Insta
  • Insta follow
  • Free Followers
  • Get Followers Free etc.

This I’d say, is the ‘natural’ method to increase followers. And you cannot deny that the users who followed you will not be un-following you later. They might un-follow you either for the sake of, you unfollowing them or they turning chutiyas! xD

Let’s now proceed to the main part of the post…

The CaseQuare Technique

To be precise, the CaseQuare technique was the prime objective of this post. I did not intend to pen down the above Boomerang trick here. But later realized that there are users who might not know about this. Anyhow, let’s proceed to the next part of this post.


CAUTION: I strictly advise you not to go through the sites which allow you to get instant followers for free. It’s because free follower giving sites DOES NOT EXIST. Those are the phishing sites, by using which your account will get hacked.

To be simple, if you open up those sites and log in with your Instagram username & pass, you’ll get nothing more than a fuck! Both your username and password will get transferred to the hands of the hacker and they can log in to your account and probably make severe changes to it.  😡 

Do not trust these sites! If you don’t believe my words, go try it at your own risk.

This way, ‘one of my account’ got hacked. I recovered it by resetting the password via my mail.

You might now speculate on the above bold keyword – ‘one of my account’, that do I have a lot of Insta accounts?

No! Not really. I just have 3:

  1. @kaykay_official1
  2. @the_immortal_tech (created this for todays tutorial. The username is changed now.)
  3. **can’t reveal**

The below two accounts are fake. Don’t panic! They are neither in the name of a boy or a girl. I gave some robotic usernames to those accounts.

So, you might again think, why am I telling you about these fake accounts? I was supposed to talk about the CaseQuare trick. Right?

Let me tell you, the fake accounts have a link with the CaseQuare technique. Well, I’ve not told you much about the CaseQuare technique yet. Below, I kicked out the points for which this stands to be one of the best technique to boost your Instagram followers. 🙄 

the casequare techniquePrivileges of the CASEQUARE technique:

  • This is not an illegal hack and can be used by anyone.
  • There is an APP behind this CaseQuare trick which is very lightweight and is easy to use.
  • This App is malware free and works on every Android devices.
  • The users who followed you through this App must think twice before unfollowing you.
  • The APP can be downloaded and used for free
  • You do not have to follow anyone from your account.

Concept: Assume that you have got 5k followers on your Insta account from the boomerang technique and you are currently following just 50 users. Now, your condition is such that you want to increase your followers to 10k but do not want to increase your ‘following’ (keep them static 50). If you really want this to happen then the CASEQUARE technique is waiting for you.

casequare method

Increase Instagram Followers by the CaseQuare Technique

Finally, your wait is over. 😀 Let’s now begin…

Step 1: Create a new Instagram account with robotics or any name in it. Do not use the name of a real person as that might lead you to serious consequences later. Just use names like –

  • Random_guy69
  • 123goodboy
  • F_you123 etc

This is just the concept on what type of names you must choose. So now you have –

  • ACCOUNT 1 (real)
  • ACCOUNT 2 (fake)

Step 2: Download and install the android application from the direct download link below:

   Download CaseQuare

In case this download link doesn’t work, here’s an alternate one –

Alternate LINK

Step 3: Open the Application you just installed and sign in with both ACCOUNT 1 & ACCOUNT 2.

First, sign in with the real account. After you are done click on the ‘Add Account’ button and add the second one. I’ve added the two accounts as you can see in the image below. 

I’ve created a fake account @the_immortal_tech for this tutorial to make you understand better. 

Step 4: Make the account 2 active in the APP and follow 50 users through that account. So, you’ve earned 50 coins! You can now spend them on increasing your followers in Account 1.

get instagram followers

Step 5: Make your account 1 active (@kaykay_official1 in my case) by going to My Account and click on the 1st Account.

Step 6: You have 50 coins with you. Right?  Now spend them by going to ‘Get Followers’ tab in the APP and then click on (25 followers – 50 coins). 

get followers

Done! So, you’ve successfully received your brand new followers! 🙂 You will not get full 25 followers at the initial times. It’ll take about 15-20 attempts after which you’ll get about 25 followers.

In a couple of seconds, you’ll get your followers! So this was the CaseQuare technique to get Instagram followers. You do not have to follow anyone from your main account to get back the follow. Hope you liked this technique.  🙂 

Before you leave this page have a quick read at these points: 

  • Do not unfollow the ones, you followed through the fake account. If you do so your points will be deducted. 2 points will be decreased from your wallet so better don’t do that.
  • Similarly, there is a less chance of people unfollowing you due to the reason of points deduction.
  • If possible please try to verify your fake Instagram profile through your e-mail to get assured of not getting blocked.
  • You can spend 100-200 coins too, in one go for getting followers. But I strictly recommend you not to spend more than 300 coins at once. However, you can do it partly. 

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FINAL WORDS: In this, if you are confronting any issues with this strategy then do remark underneath at the comment box. I’ll attempt my best to solve your queries. And also don’t forget to share this CaseQuare technique with your friends. A new technique on how to get likes on Instagram will be live soon on SilentPoints. Stay tuned.  😉 

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