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How To Increase Your RAM by a pendrive?

Is your Computer slow? Are you gettin’ irritated in playing games because of the slow speed of your PC? If this is happening at you too, then this post is dedicated to you specially. I will teach you how to Increase RAM by pendrive in Windows 7 so that the speed of your computer stays normal. You may like to read about the transformation of windows 8 to windows 7.  Then let’s move forward.

NOTE: This trick works in windows 7, 8 and 10.

How it works?


In this trick, you turn your Pendrive into a Virtual PC Ram. It enables you in increasing your PC performance. And, you will be gettin’ more good performance than before. No need of downloading any software’s from the Internet. Just have to mess up with the properties option of your pendrive.

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Lets Begin:


  • Plug your Pendrive to the Computer where you want to increase the RAM.
  • Right Click on your Pendrive icon and select the Properties option as you can see below.



Now a new Window be opened as you can see above, Select Readyboost Tab and Select use this device option. Choose the RAM size and select you RAM value.


 So, you’ve learned to Increase RAM by pendrive.. You can now experience fast computer performance.

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