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List Of Facebook MAGIC Codes

Magic Code For Facebook

Hi there. My previous post was about fake id generator for facebook by which anyone can unblock their facebook account if blocked once. Anyhow, lets come to this post.  You can use these codes on the comments only. That makes the comment colorful. Here we go:

How To Use The Magic Codes For Facebook ?

Its simple. 1) Just copy the following code. 2) Remove the “@” 3)  Paste it in comments.


Girls Code:


Facebook Baby Girl Code:


Good Morning Code:


Beautiful Bird Code:


Facebook Cat And Dog Code:


A Special Code:



So, these are the magic code for facebook, you’re searching of. Now lets proceed to the emoticons part. 😀 I’ve made a list of emoticons in photoshop by which you’ll able to send it to your friends easily. Check the Image below.


magic code

You can give these emoticons to your friends in facebook not only at comments or in statuses but also in messages. So, why waiting? Go and try out these codes.


How To Mention Someone In A Post?

I have something more for you. It’s a trick which you can implement in the statuses. Its actually a trick which needs a script. And this trick is understood by only facebook. Follow these simple steps..

The Steps:

1) Open your facebook profile page. Go up to the link. You will find something like this:


There will be numbers in place of the X‘s

2) Copy those XXXXXXXXXXXXX and paste it in place of XX:

@[ XX:]

3) So it will look like:  @[XXXXXXXXXXXXX:]

4) Post it. Now you’ll see your name being mentioned in the post.


Please comment below if you want some more cool magic codes. I’ll be glad to share it with you.



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