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How To Do Multiple WhatsApp In One Device?

I Hope you all are Waiting For New Special Tech Tricks. So, here I am back with a cool trick to do Multiple WhatsApp In One Device! Yes, You are not hearing wrong! its possible.

Whatsapp Messenger is a very popular Messenger for All the SmartPhones like Android, Ios, Windows, BlackBerry And Other. More than 100+ billion Users are using Whatsapp in their smartPhone.

Well, I wrote about this trick before. But that was outdated yet. So, Now this is the latest version of the trick.


 Eight WhatsApp In ONE Device!

Yes, This is the trick to do create 8 whatsapp accounts in one device! You won’t believe this, but its true. There below, I provided the 7 softwares (apps) which are like whatsapp, and will work like it. They are the secondary ones. Follow the instructions below to enjoy the trick.


Steps For Multiple WhatsApp In One Device


1) Download and install the secondary whatsapp from the links given below… 

Main Whatsapp
Whatsapp Reborn
GB Whatsapp
WhatsMapp Solo
OG Whatsapp


2) Go to Your Whatsapp (the original one) and backup your Full Chat History (Settings -> Chat Settings -> Back up Chats)

3) Uninstall the original Whatsapp from your device.

4) Install Any Secondary Whatsapp From the link given above!

5) Goto File Manager and Rename the Whatsapp Folder Name to the Secondary Whatsapp Name.

For example: If you insatlled GBWhatsapp, rename your Whatsapps Folder Name to “GBWhatsapp”.


6) Now, Verify Your Mobile Number in that new whatsapp (the secondary one)

7) After the verification completes, the secondary Whatsapp Will Ask for chat backup! Just Accept it.

So, This is the Concept of Installing Multiple Whatsapps!

Now, you can Install Any Other Secondary Whatsapp And Enjoy. And at last, install the original Whatsapp after installing all other secondary whatsapp.


One More Thing: These Multiple 8 whatsapp’s won’t help you to have 8 different identities. At the most, you can use 2 whatsapps in one device (Dual Sim) with different identies. I wrote about this trick before. But the version of that OG whatsapp was expired. So its not working now..


Note It Up:

  •  Don’t Use Multiple Whatsapp if Your Device doesn’t Support Big Memory Apps
  •  Don’t use Multiple Whatsapp If Your Device Have a little amount of Ram Available Only

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