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How To Get Exact City Location Via Phone Number By Tracing

Hello this is a post where you are going to learn how to get Exact City Location via Phone Number. This is a working trick which labels the place from where the phone number belongs to. Let me at here itself tell you that a little misplacing can occur here (very rare). But not much, don’t worry.

There are almost hundreds of tracking websites available there which are just fake (most of them). And I have encountered some of the websites which offers the tracing of phone number at some cost. I’d say it’s just phishing sites which hacks the account. So, don’t trust these type of sites.

And the site I am going to share with you also gives the SIM operator.

How To Get Exact City Location via Phone Number

Follow the below steps to Get Exact City Location via Phone Number.

Step 1) Go to the phone number tracking page by clicking here: Track Phone Number

Step 2) There you will see a box which will ask you the 10 digit mobile number. Enter your mobile number on that empty box.

Step 3) Hit the SHOW button below and wait for some time to get the result loaded.

Step 4) Then you will see the location of the place. You will get to see a state of the country and inside that the city is labelled in it.

So that’s the preferred city of the phone number you entered.

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Is That Genuine?

So, is the mobile tracing website a genuine one? Well, it shows the proximate location of the mobile operator. They themselves gave the disclaimer in that website. Kindly go through it:

“The information given in the website to show proximate location and operator. In any case, if customer opted for mobile number portability (MNP) results may not be correct.”

So, did that benefited you? Drop your answer at the comments. By the way if you really want to trace someone’s phone number and get exact location of it then you need to contact an CID branch or police dealing with those jobs. Check my location. I entered my mobile number and here goes the result which is genuine.

Get Exact City Location via Phone Number



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