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Vodafone Mobile Connect Settings – Get The APN to connect

Is your vodafone net not being connected?

Frustrating right?

How To Set The APN of Vodafone

I’ve made a post for this. Here you can set up the APN (Access point name.) to connect the internet. So what you will be doing is, you will manually modify the vodafone mobile connect settings on your device. To set up the internet properly you need to properly modify these details:

  • Name
  • APN
  • Proxy
  • Port
  • Authentication type
  • APN type
  • MCC ( it is inside APN)
  • MNC (it is inside APN)

After you did these your internet is successfully set up. So, let’s begin. Follow these steps and then you will be connected to the internet.

Optimize The Vodafone Mobile Connect Settings

Step 1) Open Settings and then navigate to Wireless and Networks and then to mobile networks.

Step 2) You need to set up a new APN. So click on the NEW APN button there or you can edit an existing APN also.

vodafone mobile connect settings

Step 3) Save these details on your phone’s Network:

  • Name :  vodafone mobile connect
  • APN : www
  • Authentication type : None
  • APN type : internet


Step 4) After you did these changes on the APN just enter the MNC and MCC code inside the APN menu which I listed below:




Step 5) Don’t make changes on other fields. After these changes are done just tap the SAVE button. This will now make your internet connection work properly with APN of Vodafone.

Disclaimer: These MNC and MCC may not work properly in some places. And also if you are a user of vodafone from other countries then these won’t work. You need to find the MNC and MCC that are applicable for your region just by googling up.

And If this doesn’t worked for you then do connect the service provider. You can go here and connect with the vodafone customer care. In face you can live chat with them for free. Link: Chat With Vodafone Customer Care Online


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