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Collection of Wapka Facebook Phishing Codes!

As we all know, Phishing is the way of attempting to acquire credentials such as usernames, passwords details by just sending a fake login page to the victim. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging, and it often redirects the users (victims) to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. All Clear? Now go mess up with the Wapka Phishing Codes below.. 😀

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What is “Wapka Phishing Codes”


Wapka Phishing Codes refers to the HTML/XHTML codes which help to code the page and makes it like the original phishing page. You can create your own Phishing page today via wapka.mobi! So, I have collected some Facebook phishing page codes which look a bit similar to a Facebook page but it’s not actually a facebook page. I will not teach you how to do that attack here, but yes! I can help you by providing some Wapka Codes for mobile phishing page.  If you want an in depth tutorial on how to hack facebook by Wapka phishing then you are requested to move here How to create a Wapka Phishing Page – Complete Guide. You can have the codes below…

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Wapka Phishing Codes


This looks like an original facebook page but no! It’s a wapka phisher made with these Wapka Phishing Codes which are provided below with links. Also, learn how to create a computer bomb. 



Just open the link and copy the codes given in there and then paste in your XHTML/XML text area of your wapka site and click on edit. That’s all. You have made your phisher…

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Want The Latest FB Script by SilentPoints?

I recently made a facebook phishing script and uploaded it. Many of the wapka facebook phishing scripts were not working properly, but this will work for sure. You just have to paste the script in the WML/xHTML code area.

Get The Code

AND, if you want the detailed procedure to make a facebook phishing page then just move here: How To Create A Wapka Phishing Page. Special care is being taken to make it. Hope it helps.

Do you know that not everyone is idiot enough to be hacked with Phishing?

I mean, not everyone will be opening your link which you’ll be sending. So, for this, I’ve made another post. Learn how to sniff a Facebook account.  It’s easy to perform that if you know your victim well and can bring him to your network. 🙂


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Hope this helps. 😀 stay connected with SilentPoints for some more interesting updates.


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