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Two Best Secret Tricks for WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most preferable chatting client for iPhone and Android devices as its much user friendly. Well earlier I have posted on how to hack WhatsApp admin and become the admin of any group.

Two Cool WhatsApp Tricks

We found some nice hacks and tricks that work pretty well with WhatsApp and people are seriously searching for this constantly.

I have written about the 2 best cool WhatsApp  tricks. They are:

★ Hide one Image Into Another
★ View WhatsApp messages online in browser

So start reading these in detail below:

#Hide one Image Into Another ( Picture Masker)

By this watsapp trick you can easily fake any image by just simply using original image as your masked image and using another image as your fake image. And for this I name the trick as – Picture Masker.

Steps to use it:


1) Download & Install Image Preview Changer.


2) Now after installing this, fire it up and then you will see the interface like this:


3) Choose your original image and then click on the option above preview Image and choose your pranky image.
4) Now after selecting your images just press SHARE WITH WHATSAPP !
5) It’s done now just share your image with everyone or in groups too.

#View WhatsApp messages online in browser

This is a trick to read your WhatsApp messages online. This is the second best whatsapp trick!
Head over here: RecoverMesages.com and upload your .crypt file that you are having in your SD Card and view your messages easily, well just visit the above mentioned website , upload your date and hit SCAN. Lo, you are done!


Well, I mentioned the three steps of the trick in the image above. So, don’t think that i need to write on it. 😀

Hope you liked these ultra awesome whatsapp tricks!! Thanks…

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  1. Picture masker app is not working

  2. Where is the link to download picture masker app

    • dude, can’t you see the image of Image Preview Changer in play store? Just type the name there, it will appear. Anyhow, if you still wanna download the app from your PC or redirect it from your android then click here. It’s the link of the app in play store.

  3. hey i followed to join silentPoint whatsapp group
    but i am not getting password????
    need help!!

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