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Best wireless Soundbar – How to choose one?

Best wireless Soundbar – Imagine the following situations: a barbecue at your house with many friends and a romantic dinner by candlelight. It seems obvious that all the “magic” of these moments could be potentialized with good music.

Choosing the Best wireless Soundbar

And look how practical: you have a complete collection on your smartphone or tablet. But will the power of the device be enough for everyone to hear? It will hardly be. It is thinking in these cases, and many others, that we can use speakers to connect our devices. And nothing to connect them through cables and more cables. The world moves into a scenario where everything will work wireless, and the speakers could not be left behind.

In the digital age, anyone who has not yet joined the wireless speakers is wasting time. Practical and with better and better quality, they can be uploaded anywhere and play music from different gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Selection Criteria

Of course, the following products were not randomly selected. In addition to the price, the quality of sound reproduction is one of the points that weighed more in the time to include an item in the selection.

Also, the material of constitution, the quality in the construction of the speaker and the portability also served as a Best wireless Soundbarcriterion. We tried to bring products of the most different prices that could please everyone. Recalling that the prices shown in the article were those found at the time it was being produced. Therefore, these values may vary depending on availability and current promotions.

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We also point out that the items in the list were numbered only for the organization, not representing a quality or preference order.

See what is important to take into account when choosing a model from the many that already exist in the market.

1. Sound quality

When talking about the wireless speaker, not always power is synonymous with good music. So much so that some manufacturers do not disclose how many watts their models have. The right speaker is one that reproduces, without distortions, from the highest to the lowest. Take a test before purchase: ask at the store to hear the sound of the model you are interested in.

2. Battery life

It is a fundamental information for those who are looking for a compact model, to be able to use it in places where there is no way to recharge the battery. All manufacturers disclose the battery runtime. Lithium-ion batteries last longer.

3. Used platform

When choosing your speaker, consider where the music files that will be played will come from. Some models use different platforms, and it is important you choose the ones that are compatible with your gadgets. This is one of the important things to look upon while choosing the best wireless soundbar. Those who use Bluetooth are more common and are usually cheaper. The sound quality, although it has improved a lot in recent years, is not as good as the boxes that use the AirPlay platform, exclusive to Apple equipment. The advantage of using Bluetooth is that they do not need Wifi to work, unlike AirPlay. The disadvantage is the range of Bluetooth since the loudspeaker generally must be within 10 meters of the device with which it is paired.

4. Extra Functions

In addition to playing music, the more features the speaker offers, the better. Some models allow you to pick up a call from your phone if it comes from what the songs are playing. An even more useful function is that the box also works as the battery charger for your smartphone when it is connected.

5. Cost-effective

Speaker options are ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. But when it comes to choosing best wireless Soundbar, the price can not be what matters most. You need to evaluate in which situations the speaker will be most used. It’s no use investing a fortune into a model with the incredible design if it’s going to be tucked away on the shelf. Or in a big and heavy if the idea is to transport it to other places. Think about your needs and search the available options.


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