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Omegle.com – Random Chat with Strangers

The internet is being crowded day by day. You can find all the things of your niche there. Its the major source of knowledge for many. Excluding that, a major part of the Internet users surf just to make new friends according to a research from the US net-scientists. So in this post you’ll learn to chat With Strangers via omegle.

If you are also of that kind, then you are surely familiar with facebook, twitter and other social networks. I am sure you make friends there and chat. But, leaving those have you ever done random stranger chat? I mean, the chat done by random people (man and woman around the world)?


If your answer is no, then you must try out omegle! Omegle is the number one online chatting site that lets you chat with strangers living all over the world. By, “chatting”, I mean – both text messaging and video chatting.  Isn’t that interesting? 😀


This website is visited by thousands and thousands of people daily. To know more about this awesome random chatting website, go ahead there, and read the detailed information about what Omegle really is and how can you use it?

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Why is Omegle the Best?

I rate Omegle a 5 star! It’s because of…….Well, you read the features of Omegle there below. Then you will be with me supporting, giving it a 5 stars too ->

1) You don’t need to sign up on Omegle. You can chat without it. And, you can chat for the whole day long on omegle.

 2) There you don’t have to pay a single penny. Its totally free and always will be. Just what you have to do is, select the type of chat (text or video) and start chatting. No hidden charges.

3) A good platform for making new friends. Just, start having chat with those people around the globe, whom you don’t even know personally.

4) Chatting on Omegle is quite easy. You don’t need to consult any Internet pro to use this site.

5) Features of text, audio and video chatting with strangers.

6) It has a spy mode chatting feature too. (Refer the below discussion if you want to know about spy mode)

Chat With Strangers (SPY MODE):

As I mentioned above, you can chat with the strangers via two chat features (text and video chat). So, If you don’t want to any one of these then you can try out the Spy mode of omegle.You can have some fun in the Spy mode. Here in this mode, you can type any question and can  get answers from strangers. It’s good way to know about views of others about any particular topic. See the screenshot below. It is the Spy mode.


So, go and chat with the strangers online at omegle. Click on the below image to go to the Omegle official website and start chatting. But be carefull, while chatting with strangers. Who knows, the one you are chatting with may be a serious killer also. So, prevent yourself and don’t leak your personal informations while you Chat With Strangers. Happy chatting!

Cheers!! 😀


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