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Official Liker Script For Download

Hello folks..Today in this blog, I am gonna tell you how to Create a Facebook Autoliker Website! A Facebook autoliker is a site which enables you to get likes on your profile pic, statuses and other posts. Not only that, you can also get comments on your posts. So, this is the script of official-liker.net which I am gonna share it with you. You can edit the codes and make it yours too! According to hypestat the earnings of this website per day is $206.19. That’s a crazy amount of traffic! 😀

How To Create A Facebook Autoliker

First Step (Get The Files):

  • First of all, have that Facebook Autolike Script Download from the button below!


  • After the Download is done, you are gonna get a Zip File! Extract It…
  • You will get these files on opening that file:


Step Two (Set Up The Files and Create a Facebook Autoliker ):

1. Create a database and a user with all permissions.
2. Start Editing your database details in –

 – config.php
– comment.php
– golikes.php
– liker.php
– saver.php

3. Start Replacing Text = (yoursite.com) with your site name in –

 – comment.php = online (75)
– dashboard.php = online(52,184)
– index.php = online(52,199)
– liker.php = online(85)
– verify.php = online(7)

4. Open includes folder and edit header and footer. (All Headers and footers will be changed)

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5. Open PhpMyAdmin and import data.sql to your database. (Required for 15 min waiting time after one submit, But Not Compulsory)

6. Done. That’s how you can Create a Facebook Autoliker….

You can watch this video, to clarify yourselves to Create a Facebook Autoliker :


Hope you succeded in creating the liker for facebook! If you are having any queries regarding this autoliker script or anything, then do comment below.

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  1. db.php need to modify ?

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    INFO:A Required Parameter Access_token Is Missing, Please Check And Try Re Submitting

  3. bro but u had nt mentioned about access token plz help

  4. i cant able to download the script please give me link to donload the link

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