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How To Transform Windows 8 into Windows 7

Hello folks, this is a trick to transform your windows 8 OS to Windows 7 OS. The Windows 8 platform has been up for use for quite some time now. As a user of windows 8 myself, I honestly say that it is not much good than the previous one (Windows 7).

Well it is hard and time consuming to accept the change. But I have a trick to change or transform Windows 8 into Windows 7. So, how does it sounds? 😀 You know, it is done with various tools and software. Here’s how you go with it. I am gonna highlight the following ones only in this post –

The Tips To Transform Windows 8 into Windows 7:


  • Start Screen Modifiers
  • Disable the ‘Hot Corners’
  • Windows 7 Explorer Shell in Win8
  • Aero Glass for Win8
  • Classic Start Menu For Windows RT

Start Screen Modifiers:

So, the biggest change which you all are having on windows 8 in comparasion to windows 7 is the start menu. But thanks to developers, because they brought the start menu back by developing start menu modifiers. The best start menu modifiers out of all are Classic Shell, Pokki, Win8StartButton. And all of them are free to use. You can download it from google..

start menu modifiers

Disable the ‘Hot Corners’


Do you like the Hot Corners of your OS. By Hot Corners, I mean the bars that comes on the screen when you go to the sides. That’s really irritating. It disturbes me while doing my tasks. So, want to know how i removed it? Well, I used Skip Metro Suite. By using this, you can disable all of the four hot corners. So, download the Skip Metro Suite from here.


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Windows 7 Explorer Shell in Win8


Well, this tool is complete explorer shell replacement. This tool brings many minor changes. Then also, it makes you feel like working on Windows 7 in your Windows 8. Download this tool from here.




Aero Glass for Win8


Aero Glass feature. What’s this? That feature is no more in Windows 8 but is in windows 7. But, don’t panic, you can bring it back to windows 8 also by a simple way. Go, here to download and learn about how to use this skin pack and transform your OS.


Classic Start Menu For Windows RT




Yah, if you use this one then the above tools will not work for you. So, either this or the others above..By installing this Classic menu software, you get the Windows 7-like start menu and some more features of windows 7. Download the Classic Start Menu from here.

So, these are some of the best way to transform Windows 8 into Windows 7. Hope it helps. If you have any problems regarding this then do comment.. 😀

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