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Best CCleaner Alternatives For Your Computer

In this post you’ll know about the best CCleaner alternatives which will assist your computer to clean potentially unwanted files (including temporary internet files). It also tries to fix up the invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer and thereby making the computer run smooth and efficiently.

What Is CCleaner And What It Does?

Basically the software cleans the ‘junk’ files that accumulates over time. Don’t know how to use CCleaner? Just move to the WikiHow tutorial page and learn it with the 14 simple steps. To download the software click here.

CCleaner also protects your privacy in the internet. Know how?

It cleans your browsing history and temporary internet files from the particular browser and disables tracking and being robbed by hackers. Well, CCleaner can’t detect or remove viruses, spyware, or malware. It’s just a junk remover tool which is trusted by thousands yet millions of person around the globe.

Here I’ll list 5 best programs similar to ccleaner which will have your work done. Some of these are far better from ccleaner. Software’s like WinUtilities Free Edition has got much popularity. It’s too one of the best CCleaner alternatives. I’ve been using this software for 1 year and I honestly rate it 5 Star. And I believe you will too. Anyhow, let’s move forward.

The Other Software’s Like CCleaner

The 5 best CCleaner alternatives are as follows:

  1. Wise Registry Free Cleaner
  2. Free Windows Cleanup Tool
  3. TweakNow RegCleaner 2011
  4. System Mechanic
  5. WinUtilities Free Edition

A Detailed Info On The Best CCleaner Alternatives


1) Wise Registry Free Cleaner:

This is one of the best free registry cleaner to improve PC performance. It’s a small software with the size of 4.11 MB which does the work of about 1GB. It Cleans registry junks, repair Windows errors, and keep your PC at peak performance.

The thing I like the most on this software is that, you can specify to run a normal, safe, or deep registry scan. Know more about this by from the official siteYou can download it by clicking the image below:

wise registry free


2) Free Windows Cleanup Tool

This tool cleans junk files and registry errors in a flash. In just a few clicks on the tool you can boost up your windows performance for free. It’s a good handy tool I recommend. After I downloaded this tool, I installed it. You know, I thought I was using the CCleaner tool as it was much similar to it. You’d say that it’s the exact copy of it. Moreover the icon layout is also the same almost.

But this tool has an unique feature in comparison to the others. A defrag tool for the Windows Registry is presented in the tool. It also empty recent document lists for making the speed faster. After you start on your PC this tool will check start-up programs and fix Registry errors. Keep your system in perfect shape with Free Windows Cleanup Tool. You can download the tool by clicking the Image below:

Free Windows Cleanup Tool

3) TweakNow RegCleaner 2011

Hey, don’t scroll down after reading the name as it contains the year “2011”. Though 2011, it’s an ultra awesome tool. My second priority after the tool WinUtilities Free Edition is TweakNow. I had used this for various months. It has the information’s in it that controls how your windows appears and behaves.

The three key factors for the popularity of this tool is the three letters – “FAS”.

  • F- Fast
  • A- Accurate
  • S- Secure

With the help of this tool you can periodically scan your device and find for the ‘junks’. This tool is simple in its graphics or the interface and the most used buttons are the Scan and Remove buttons to remove potentially unwanted files. Click on the image below to download the tool:


4) System Mechanic:


This is a very powerful tool. To have this in your PC you need to have minimum 512 MB RAM. And one more thing to note: it’s not compatible with HD monitors. The two best features of this app are:

  • Tries to Remove all the possible bloatware from your PC
  • Unleashes the Internet speed.

The free version of this app is 48.70 MB. And the premium on is about 60. But what I say is, the free version is enough to keep your computer boost up by removing useless clutter. You can download this tool by clicking the below image:



5) WinUtilities Free Edition

Here goes my favorite tool who assists me in fighting with the junks and other potentially dangerous files. The interface of this tool is very user friendly and you don’t have to use any special antivirus software to get rid of the viruses. The tool will do the work for you. One-Click Maintenance feature is also available in the tool which helps to run on a schedule and can customize it by unchecking options.

The WinUtilities Pro costs $20 for lifetime. I’m currently using the pro as it has over 20 sub-tools which will help to make our computer far better than before. I personally thank the developers for creating this app as it helped me a lot in solving the registry and other virus problems.

You can download the software by clicking the image below:

win utilities

So these are the best CCleaner alternatives which I used and recommend you too. Pick up any of the tools from above and keep your PC run faster and efficient. If you want me to add any other best CCleaner alternatives then please do comment below. And also your queries are most welcome.


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