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The Fix Of Windows 10: Start menu, Taskbar And Cortana not working issues

Hello mates. In the latest Windows 10 OS, the Start menu made a welcome return. However there’s an error with the start menu which irritates me.  The problem is: When you click the Start button or press the [Windows] key on the keyboard then it fails to open, or if opens then it takes a lot of time. The search box which is next to the start menu also gets humiliated. It hangs sometimes here. I feel, these are all caused due to bug. These bugs had moved almost all the windows 10 PC’s. As we know the windows 10 is currently installed on over 180 million PCs worldwide, so the users are in the same condition as I am. They too feels irritated from this problem.  So, here I am with the: fix of Start menu, Taskbar and cortana not working issue. If you want to upgrade your windows OS to the latest version (windows 10), then click on the big box below:

Windows 10 – Upgrade Now

Microsoft is well-aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. They are spending billions of dollars to work out for the issue. Until then you can try these temporary fixes to resolve the issue. They will help you a lot in having your things done.

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How To Fix The Start menu, Taskbar And Cortana Not Working Issue?

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#1: Using Powershell –

In this method you need to open CMD and give only two instructions to it. After the things are done you need to check if its working. If the Start menu, Taskbar and cortana not working again after following this method then I recommend you to follow the trick #2.


 Step 1: Right click on Start Menu button at the left bottom side and open Command Prompt (admin).

 Step 2: Type: powershell and hit enter key.


Step 3: Now the CMD window will opt to Administrator Windows: Powershell. Copy the following code:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

 Step 4: Wait for few minutes. After the process gets finished try opening the Taskbar, Start Menu and Cortana.



#2: Using A .bat File

Step 1 : Download this .bat file. It’s uploaded in google drive:

 Start menu, Taskbar And cortana not working – Fixed .BAT (6.2KB)

 Step 2: Right click on the downloaded file and open it as administrator.

Step 3: It takes about 10 seconds to start. So, just click once on that.

Step 4: After it is done, Restart your PC.  I am sure it will definitely work by now.

Most of us doesn’t trusts the opening of .bat file on their PC as it might be a harmful program also. You can learn about making viruses with .bat programs by clicking here. But here in this case it is 100% verified and working fine.

Or, if you want the code of the .BAT file then it is here. I’ve just now uploaded it into pastebin. Copy that codes and make up the bat:

Pastebin – Fix Code


So, these are 2 best ways for solving the: Start menu, taskbar and cortana not working issue. Well, there is one more wise alternate for this problem. It is, if you create a new local user in Windows 10 the problems will be no more.

And if you still feel Start menu, Taskbar and cortana not working issue is existing in your PC then do comment. I will be glad enough to help you.

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