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What is Windows Modules Installer Worker? Solve High CPU Usage Issue

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker? Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system of the world. Most of the computers run on Windows OS itself, be it Windows XP, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Although there have been many versions of Windows, including Server OS as well, some of the latest versions are easier on the hardware. These Operating Systems have programmes which optimize the storage space and the RAM quite well. This is why performance betters. Although the Programmes work efficiently, there are a few problems which many of us have to deal with. The reason for these performance issues are the processes which are always up on the Windows OS. In this article, we will talk about one such Process.

Yes, we are going to talk about the Windows Modules Installer Worker. Let us know What is Windows Modules Installer Worker.

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

On our Windows PC, there are many Functions and operations which need the assistance of the OS and an additional Software. If the ongoing, or about to be going operation is ethical under the Windows OS consideration, the OS will permit the Software to run, and if it is not then the OS will ask you for your Permission. This is very normal in occurrence and you too might have encountered this thing happen on your PC. Now, for all of the Programmes which are running on your PC, whether you allowed those to Run, Installed those by yourself, or are ethical and legal Microsoft Products, One common condition applies.

windows modules installer worker

This condition is the arrival of Updates. Obviously, when a Software Publisher writes a Software, it may not be the most accurate and free of all bugs in the first release. And, when such a Software is released, the updates have to be frequent, in order to eradicate the Bugs which hinder the Software’s Operations. Now, to eradicate these Bugs, the Programmers rewrite some portions of codes for the software and republish the Software. Which for you on your PC, receive Updates.

Now, to install these updates in the right manner, the Windows OS always needs an additional Programme. This Programme is Windows Modules Installer Worker. So, the answer to the question What is Windows Modules Installer Worker is “The Windows OS Programme, which helps the OS in installing, managing Installations, and Updating any Software whatsoever is the Windows Modules Installer Worker.” Simple, right?

Where to Find Windows Modules Installer Worker and Why does it cause High CPU Usage?

To find the Windows Modules Installer Worker, all you need to do is open RUN and type services.msc and hit Enter. The Services Settings Window will open up, and from here you have to select Windows Modules Installer. Simple, right? But that is not it. The issue is not how to open Windows Modules Installer, but it is to understand why does it cause High CPU Usage. Let me tell you.

Windows Modules Installer worker is a Programme, as any other Programme running on your PC. And that is why as any other Programme, it also has to use some of the Memory Space out of your RAM, which in turn causes disk usage. At most times this usage is pretty normal and doesn’t cause any hindrance. But when there are many updates and installations at one time, the Windows Modules Installer worker has to occupy higher CPU Usage. Reasonable, right? Well, it basically causes your PC to slow down. If you want to solve this problem, read the solution for windows modules installer worker high CPU usage. Also, keep a regular check on the Updates which arrive on your Windows OS, for various programmes.

If you keep stalling the Installation of all the updates, in the end, there will be too many updates for the Installer worker to Install at one time, which will make your PC slow down.

So, this was it for now. Here, you read about what is windows modules installer worker? I hope this article was useful. Stay in touch with a lot more such content.


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