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How To Guide: Windows 10 Essentials For Beginners

Nowadays computers are ruling each and every field. Every part of human life is affected by computers. Thus, it is very important for each and every individual to know how to operate it. Every computer has an operating system, which interacts with the user and helps them get the work done.

Windows 10, developed by Microsoft is one of the best operating system out there in the market. In fact, a majority of the computers have windows installed in them. Thus, it is very important to get acquainted with it. It is a very user- friendly software. But it is very powerful. There are certain basic things that a person should adopt and be aware in order to take full advantage of the services being provided.

People should have a Microsoft account. If they do not have one, they can have one for free over the internet. Every time a user opens Windows 10, he will be asked for his password of the Microsoft account. Having a Microsoft account synced to the operating system increases the utility.

The first thing that comes into the view of the person after signing in is the desktop. This is a very important interface.  This is the [place from where the user can gain access to all the contents of the computer. They can also call up different software from the desktop. The desktop of Windows 10 is slightly different from its older counterparts. Als0 this time, there are a lot of interactive tools over the desktop, with which the user can have a better experience

The start button serves a similar purpose like the older versions. However, it has been given a graphical approach. As a result, it has become very user-friendly. The app used most frequently are listed at the top. This eases the life of the users.

In order to access the files located somewhere in the computer, people have to open up the file explorer. There are a lot of ways in which one can do s0. One of the easiest ways is to double click on any file present on the desktop. Windows 10 has been specially designed in order to give the users utmost comfort. Hence, they have even provided a file explorer option on the taskbar. One can hover over it and with one click of the button, it opens up for interaction with the user.

Searching has never been so easy. People can perform a search operation simultaneously over the internet as well as the computer. A search bar is provided at start option. People can access it by clicking on the start option or by directly hitting the windows key on the keyboard.

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The setting option allows the user to customize his or her computer completely. Every user is differently adapted to the computer. Windows 10 allows you to adjust the environment of the computer to suit your needs. One can do this customization with the settings option or go back to the traditional use of control panel. However, the setting options are easier to use and much more interactive.

One can also move through multiple files or multiple apps, without closing any. For this, hold the alt key and then press the tab key. By doing so, one can alternatively shuffle through the apps that are open on the computer.

People can also create multiple desktops rather than stuffing everything in one place. This makes management easier. An icon is provided at the lower end of the screen on the right-hand side for this purpose.

There is an immense opportunity that stays wide open with the release of Windows 10. Come and explore the power of Windows 10 with us.

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