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Write for Us – Paid Post Available

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Requirements for Guest Posts

1. Unique and informative content related to our categories.

2. Promotion of any company within the post is strictly prohibited if it’s not a paid post. Of course, you will have space in the author box.

3. Common rule – no duplicate or spammy content. Else the post would be thrown away.

4. Include at least one image copyright-free image. If you create your own image or take screenshots, please mention it.

5. Mention the appropriate citation if you have included any data.

6. Include Author bio. Give social links to your writer in the author bio. 

What topics we accept

Type of Posts

We accept free as well as paid posts depending on the content.

FREE POST: If the content is informational or provides good value and is near to 2000 words, it will be published free of cost. The article needs to be SEO optimized as well. It must have some good searches. 

PAID POST: However, if you are promoting some company, app or software, you will be charged starting from 20-50 USD for publishing. The article must include 700-1000 words. There is no limit for the maximum count. We do the SEO in a paid post! 

You get two dofollow backlinks on SilentPoints along with an author link in both the cases. 

We accept PayPal, TEZ or PayTM. 

A sample of a paid post is given below;

Increase Chances of Publishing Posts

Do you want to maximize the chances of guest post publishing on our website?

Before sending us an email, like our Facebook Page and in the email body, mention your username with which you have liked our page. This is basically a check for us that you have read properly the guest post guidelines.

How to submit your article

We will be very happy if you contribute content for SilentPoints. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with your writing sample and topics. You can also contact me on Facebook.

We will review your article and publish it shortly on our blog.

Contact for more details

Happy Guest Posting on Our Blog!